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10.3.2017 - A mysterious light filled the Sea of Skies. Those who wielded great power and abilities found themselves back at square one, as if reset.

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Obtaining a Keyblade is a relatively simple task, similar to applying for a Canon Character. You must post a Dive to Heart once your character has been created and approved. This does not need to be approved, however it can be denied if there is any contradictions to lore. This will also go towards your word count, so make sure to post it up in the appropriate topic.

You only need to do one Dive to Heart. You may have multiple keyblades afterwards, though please abide to the Lore of the Kingdom Hearts series.

A Dive to Heart does not have to be the exact same as seen in the games. The physical representation of the heart can vary vastly, such as resembling that of a world or even a building.

Inherent keyblade abilities, such as being summoned, unlocking locks, and etc..., collectively take up only one effect that is required.

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