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10.3.2017 - A mysterious light filled the Sea of Skies. Those who wielded great power and abilities found themselves back at square one, as if reset.

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Chastelle Velus

The Curious Scientist

Female || Somebody (Human) || 24yrs

Just a stylish girl acting in the name of science!

Thunder, Metal, Sound, Illusion

STR ---- 5
CON ---- 4
AGI ---- 9
MAG ---- 5
SYN ---- 10


Chastelle, for the most part, is a pretty optimistic person, being carefree around a lot of people and usually just trying to enjoy herself, ranging from teasing to casually working or exploring.  She gets super intimate when it comes to doing scientific tasks, mainly if it's to sate her curiosity.  In fact, if she's curious about something, she'll try to get to fixing that at some point or another.  Topics like those usually weigh on her mind for awhile, meaning she has the occasion where she daydreams.  Said daydreams don't tend to interrupt her work, however.

When it comes to other people, however, deep inside she is a schemer.  While keeping her carefree smile, she mentally plots what she believes to be the best possible solutions for problems.  Mainly her own; despite being a nice person, she can be rather selfish and prioritize her own needs over the needs of others, unless said needs of others would benefit her in the long run.  When she believes she is in trouble, she immediately tries scanning the vicinity for an escape route, stalling for time as she does so in whatever way she can.  Chastelle is definitely more of a flighter than a fighter, preferring to flee from intimidating fights rather than stick around, but will stick around to assist others or if absolutely necessary.


Chastelle stands a good 5ft. 6in. tall.  She wears simply a long, black-and-purple zipper hoodie that stretches below her waist, carrying two large pockets in the front for carrying things.  She also has a small belt strap held around her left leg, for carrying attachable objects like tools or small weapons, with said strap having a pouch attached to it. She wears a wristband with a high-tech keyboard, used for transporting things with her special chips or to store data - it's linked to her computer.  She has two black plus-shaped clips in her long, light-purple hair as well.  She also wears black-and-purple boots with the front part of the shaft cut open.

In Halloween Town, she appears with slightly gray skin, stitches that wrap around her head, wrists, and ankles, and frizzy, somewhat grayish-purple hair, a la mad scientist.  Her cross-pins are changed to bats as well.
In Christmas Town, her hoodie becomes a Mrs. Claus-esque dress of the same length and colors, and her boots are changed to fuzzy yet not loose slippers.  Her cross-pins are changed to happy snowmen too.
In Space Paranoids/The Grid, she gets a helmet without eye protection glass with her cross-pins attached to the sides, while the rest of her clothes are converted to look like the usual cyberspace gear.  The colors remain black, while the lights are neon purple.
In Atlantica, she is simply a mermaid with light-purple seashells covering her breasts and a light-purple tail.
In Pride Lands, she takes on the form of a female mandrill, albeit with light-purple fur and a tanned face.  Her cross-pins still exist on said mandrill.
In Toy World, she gets the adjustable limbs of a collectible figurine, yet her hair remains solid and unmoving as is the rest of her figurine body.

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