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Name: Oersted Reiner

Age: 22

Oersted is what one would think of when a boxer comes to mind; fit and agile with muscles that look as if they could break stone. Standing at 5’11 and weighing in at 176 lbs which is perfect for a light-heavyweight fighter. Atop his head is a messy bunch of brown hair that barely hangs below his eyebrows and ears. His face has a beaten look, which is typical for someone of his profession. However, many have said it doesn’t detract from the determination in his hazel eyes or the effectiveness of his wide, heart-warming smile.
His body is chiseled through much training and it only becomes much more powerful looking during fights. His upper body is covered with a form-fitting, grey shirt with black stripes running down the sides from under each armpit. His wrists and hands are always covered in handwraps, even out in public, in case of sudden battles. His beige cargo shorts are held to his waist with a black belt, the shorts offering plenty of flexibility for his fighting style. His shoes are a pair of black sneakers that offer the strength and durability needed for long distance running and short, quick dashes alike.
Overall, his attire is quite bland, but what it lacks in fashion, it makes up for in practicality.

A floating specter that often times hovers behind Oersted, other times remaining inside of his Heart. His only defining features are large, blocky hands made of what looks to be bone and a mask of the same material with a pointed chin, empty sockets for eyes, and two horns that extend from the temples straight out and then diagonally upwards in a 45 degree angle. Every other part of his body is invisible and this is only something Oersted can currently see.

Sex: Male

Species: Linked Human

Stalwart, confident and determined, Oersted stands as a beacon of strength and willpower. As others watch him fight, he bleeds valor, causing boosts in morale and fueling second winds. In his eyes, winning is important, almost a necessity, to the point that he is willing to fight to the death for pride. That same determination is the cause of many of his serious injuries accrued over the years, which to him are only trophies that display his strength proudly for all to see. Strong opponents excite him, fueling his passion and endless training. Withstanding powerful attacks can be all he needs to reignite the fire while on his last leg, as it means his training hasn’t been for naught.
Casually and outside of fighting altogether, Oersted makes some bad first impressions. His attitude is cocky and many find that irritating. That’s only figured out after people stop thinking he’s a dunce, as he sometimes seems out of place and out of touch with pressing matters, or simply what’s going on around him. He tries being cool-headed, but some people spark his anger enough for him to visibly look ready to fight. This is all his way of trying to get through the next however many years of his life without hurting anyone else, for he believes innocent people shouldn’t be brought into the middle of conflicts, especially not his.
Under his shell, he’s not very different, but his levels of caring for others increases and he makes it his goal to protect them and watch over them as best as possible.

Silent, yet expressive through hand gestures and head tilts. Offers help to Oersted When necessary, however helpful hand gestures may be.

Abilities and Skills:

  • Switch-Hitter:
    Oersted knows both orthodox and southpaw styles of boxing. This works in tripping up the opponent’s strategy long enough to gain his own pace and begin controlling the fight.
  • Boxer’s Spirit:
    The will to defend their pride is a boxer’s trademark skill, getting up even when knocked down countless times. As long as Oersted has the energy to continue the fight, he will raise his fists to battle.
  • Boxer’s Repertoire:
    All boxers have a collection of punches and strikes they’ve learned over the years. Basic ones are simply jabs, hooks, uppercuts, straights; things taught to all boxers. Currently, Oersted is working on a finisher move, but his basic hits are still a force to be reckoned with.
  • Establish Link:
    Oersted and Larccieen synchronize and Oersted’s form changes. Larccieen’s hands cover Oersted’s and solidify as hard boxing gloves, while the mask covers the face, the horns rotating to protect the ears. With this, his attributes are increased. [Lasts for four posts, or if downed before four posts. Ten post recharge.]
    Attribute Changes
    [Strength +1] [Constitution +1] [Stamina +1] [Speed -1] [Dexterity –1] [Magical Resistance –2]

Weapons and Equipment:

  • Face Breakers: A pair of black boxing gloves that have a worn out look. These are Oersted’s pride and joys that appear to him whenever he desires.
  • Muscle: His muscles are very tough around most of his vital areas. Blunt physical attacks do less damage due to this. Other weapons, such as swords or heavy piercing weapons do normal damage. Flesh and bone can only defend against so much.

Supplementary Battle System

Strength |9|
Constitution |8| |+1 against Blunt and Light Piercing, -3 to Magic|
M. Affinity |3|
M. Resistance |3|
Dexterity |6|
Speed |6|
Stamina |7|


[Uber Stronk Muscles]: Oersted has toned his body to the point where blunt attacks don’t affect him much. Sharp and heavy piercing weapons still do their same damage, but Magic has increased damage against him, since he has little to no experience with it. |+1 against Blunt and Light Piercing, -3 to Magic|

A crowd cheers their fighters onward, the loud yells both positive and negative ring through the dusty air. These people are travelers, mostly, simply looking to make a quick buck on bets. Others are workers or settlers who have been to these shows countless times, wasting their hard earned money to have a chance at making it big and getting off the sullen world they reside in. They play with the lives in the stadium below them, treating them like toys and nothing more.
A great roar goes through the seats surrounding the fighting arena. Below, in the “dirt bowl”, two fighters exchange blows. In the red, a wandering swordsman caught by the commissioners and fighting to go back to his search for home. In the blue, a boxer who has long since forgotten the faces of his family, only fighting to survive and get stronger; the cheers of the crowd are his only escape. The swordsman is agile, skilled in his weapon and after blood.
Looking at it from a spectator’s point of view, the boxer has no chance against the long sword wielding foe in red. That’s usually the consensus among travelers and sometimes the settlers who have seen this man fight before.
”Can the young boxer in blue even get close to the red swordsman!? I don’t think so! You can only run and evade for so long!” The announcer’s voice sends the crowd into another frenzy of insults and praises to their fighters. By the tone of that last sentence, the weaponless fighter understands that, if he doesn’t make a move quickly, the commissioners will rig the fight for the swordsman’s favor. Now, he must make his decision, he has little time to think carefully. When it hits, his eyes show rage and determination, a fighter’s spirit.
Deft footwork sends the boxer zooming across the distance between him and his foe, but the red corner has foreseen this strategy, and now readies his blade against the fast puncher. A horizontal swing to hit the body is thrown with the blade, an effective method of incapacitating the blue corner from ever moving again. A gasp of awe from the audience as the sword slices through the air, and only air. The boxer has shown his flexibility, spreading his feet wide to not only go below the swing, but to increase the strength of this next punch.
The swordsman attempts to recover, but no good. The boxer’s muscles tighten and his feet dig into the earth below him. His right fist comes back slightly and then explodes in a hook towards the swordsman’s side; a hit. The sound of metal hitting ground echoes through the semi-silent stadium and the blue boxer takes his chance, relentlessly assaulting the red foe with his left and right. To end it, a strong right straight is unleashed and the swordsman, bloody and barely conscious, is blown onto his back, his head striking the ground with great force. I’m sorry, swordsman. Rest in your heaven. You don’t have to fight any longer.
As soon as the commissioner begins to speak… ”Ah!” An empty room in darkness is all that can be seen. The boxer Oersted rises from his sleep, drenched in cold sweat. ”Dammit... Another nightmare. I don’t think I’m ever going to get good sleep, Larc’.” A figure appears beside the young man, hands appearing to be crossed and head down in contemplation. ”Its fine. I know you feel sympathy. It’s hard to believe it’s almost been a year since then.” The fighter’s eyes harden and he goes back to earlier days...
A swordsman, surrounded by fire and grinning at the fallen fighter, points his blade at the downed boxer and begins speaking, bones covering his hands and a mask coming down over his face. He can remember the two, straight horns and the eyes looking through the sockets.
Then another warrior appears, unleashing volleys of lightning from her hands and mask. They fight, allowing the boxer time to escape. All in the matter of minutes.
”There are more of you and they’re after us. I don’t understand why, though. I’ll keep fighting, though, that’s for sure.” The figure nods and gives a thumbs-up, unable to speak its mind.

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