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Hunter's Passport


Geoff Jensen






Geoff Jensen is a naturally silver-haired being, due to the mutated genes within him causing him to also have golden eyes. He stands at 5'11" with a broad structure and a heavy build. He wears a heavier load of armor, but it is mostly leather in order to allow mobility but not without some steel reinforcements to keep it strong. Geoff has a curved scar running diagnolly across his left eye from the temple to the tip of his nose. Also across his arms are various scars, mostly from battle. On his left palm is a tattoo of a wolf encompased by a crescent moon. On the right palm is a tattoo of a blade entangled by two cobras. His armor's color scheme is mostly grey and a dark shade of indigo.

Geoff is a very honorable person, living for the hunt of monsters and with that, holds a great prejudice even though he himself is a werewolf. Named by a Priest, he takes on the moniker, "Wolf-Cleric" because of his faith in a higher being and faith in humanity even though he was cast out from the Church and made a black sheep. He is very humble and likes to find something to follow, for he was raised to conform to a higher power whether it be spiritual or political. He is a proud swordsman and ranger, advocating the need for strength to fight the evil that lurks on the outside. Geoff is no stranger to humor and will engage in it, but otherwise has his priorities straight. The difference in Geoff's mindset is his prejudice against inhuman things, even forming a self-hate.

[Level 3]
Strength: 8
Constitution: 5
M. Affinity: 7
M. Resistance: 1
Dexterity: 7
Speed: 7
Stamina: 7


Heart: Light


Geoff was born into a family of farmers within the world of Cite de la Cloches, on the outskirts where the farmland is located. The place used to be full of life and had its own populace of farmers, even building a chapel when they couldn't travel freely to the church within the Cite de la Cloches. The city's politicals heads, including the Bishop, had ignored the threats of monsters on the outside, leading the farmers to form a posse and train to form a Hunter's Guild. The idea arose when Geoff's father spoke with an outsider who had told them of the worlds beyond, exciting them with stories but also terrifying them that the monsters kept them trapped. The man trained the fathers of the farming families, leading the wives and children (save for the almost-adult children) to do the farming. At first the products were not as healthy and they did not prosper as much, they did eventually learn to be more effective. Meanwhile the fathers fought off the beasts that came to claim food from their crops and herds.

One night, a pack of werewolves had terrorized the farmlands in the middle of everyone's sleep, but before they could escape they were met by the rusty blades of the farmers. Barking about, the werewolves showed no fear in the presence of monster hunters. So easily they tore apart the blades and fed on the hunters, but they were out-numbered. The numbers, though, didn't count when everyone surviving ran accept Geoff's father. One of few skilled swordsman, he was able to slay a number of the werewolves but in the end...Geoff who had watched from the window the whole time had to witness his father be pinned and for his limbs to be mangled. What made it more scarring was that he was still alive and screaming. Like a guardian angel, the man who helped them came out of no where and a flash of light scorched the werewolves' fur. All of them were bare, burnt badly even. A green energy was torn from the dead bodies and absorbed into a gem held by the man who pulled a blue energy out of it, absorbing it into his own body. Summoning a golden sword, he raised it into the air and let another flash of light shine, causing a werewolf to vaporize into water. One of the werewolves got brave and attacked, successfully even because it knocked the man to the ground. In desperation, the man let a plume of darkness tear away at the middle of his leather armor, burning the head of the werewolf away. Standing up, the man was being stared at by Geoff's father...who now saw a large, red, heart-like insignia on his chest.

The other kind of monster they encountered...heartless. Never could they permanently kill the beasts, always they came back. But the man who helped them the entire time was a heartless himself. The man knew he would seem like a traitor, and even used the energy he gathered to completely heal Geoff's father...turning his back so that his lie would be paid for. But what surprised both he and Geoff was the hand that plunged through, not even one of the werewolves that ran away. No, it was the growing hand of Geoff's father...who now became a werewolf. The man survived the wound of the wolf, and the wounded werewolves dropped their blood about him. In anger he tore the man apart., blindly following his human form's memories as he returned to the house. Geoff was only a small child but his mother had grown strength from farming. She was able to get a lick in once the father entered the house, causing a gash with a firewood ax laying about, the blood hitting Geoff. The mother...sadly...was not enough. She was torn down and Geoff was stuck contemplating.  His first reaction was to grab the ax but he was smacked away by his father. A wound across his face had caused heavy bleeding but then he just ignored his wound and brought the ax up...and brought it down on his father's head. Watching it roll...he stumbled backwards and fell, crying himself to sleep as his father's blood pooled about the room.

The next day Geoff exited his house in silence, ignoring the decaying bodies within his home. Everyone saw the scar on his face and outcast him hastily. He was accepted by the chapel at least, who still trained him to be burly and strong enough to defend the village. The remaining hunters gave him training and accepted him into the Guild, but the rest of the farming community rejected him. Years past and his activities gave him an aged look even though he is so young. Geoff was sent to a family friend who crafted the silver blades for the Hunter's Guild, who was actually a gypsy. Answering his pleads, the man crafted Geoff his first blade, the Wolfsbane sword. He ironically named the sword because it was a reminder he was in control, he was more human than monster. He was a hunter. His silver hair came from the corruption of his blood and the golden eyes did too, but his unique appearance did not score the affection of the younger...only the scrutiny. Eventually, he left after the Guild decided to order him to travel the worlds in search of another guild like their's...but he knew it was only a way to get him to leave for good. So he decided to just find a new path and a new order to follow, even if it was another Monster Hunter guild.

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Standard Sword: Malleus

Malleus is Geoff's standard, steel sword, it is of average size for a long-sword and is double-edged. It has a leather grip and a jeweled pommel. Engraved on both sides of the blade is "Wolf-Cleric". It is a 7-pound sword, but his strength gives him the power to wield it without hindering his movement.


Silver Sword: Wolfsbane

Wolfsbane is Geoff's signature sword, enchanted to work more effectively against non-human things and gives Geoff the ability to resist the magics of something non-human. It is 3.5 feet long with a 1.4 foot-long handle that is wrapped in leather. There is a white glow to the sword and it is of equal weight to his Malleus. Niche Effects: +1 M. Affinity vs. Nonhuman things and +2 M. Resistance vs. Nonhuman things, -2 M. Affinity vs. Humans


Eisingar Sword

A longsword obtained from a slain cleric of Eisuundar, Geoff collected it to use it in the cleric's memory. It is a longsword that has a 72 cm long blade and a foot-long handle. It has a wolf engraved into it, which was custom-done by a smithy for Jensen. It is accompanied by an Eisingar shield, which acts as its sheath.



In its regular form, it is a 4-foot chain with weights on each end that are pointed, prism-shaped weights. Magically, it can extend up to 20 feet. Through the same means, each weight or just one can become spiked from its vertices with twisted barbs instead of straight spikes. This is meant to be used as a capture tool and is normally mostly rapped around Geoff's arm. He can also make the weights into 3-inch, broad daggers that have a flame-blade shape.



Geoff usually wears Shuko on both of his hands placed for combat but he can adjust them for climbing as well.  The blades are 2 inches long and are coated in minor amounts of sulfur to irritate wounds.


Chinese Ice Grenade

Geoff, journeying, has encountered a merchant in Land of Dragons who sold him a recipe to craft these little icicles. They use a chemical reaction to explode, covering a 50 foot diameter area with a deep-freezing, thick fog of ice. The fog is very heavy and Geoff enchants it with Yrden to cause it to explode more violently when it happens. He usually only carries three at a time due to their potential danger.



Hunter Armor

The standard armor Geoff wears. It is heavier than most leather armors but comes with pouches and slots to hold things like potions or other items.


Eisingar Shield - Medium

The shield that accompanies the Eisingar Sword. It has the ability to create a wall with an area of sixteen feet, which is a foot thick. It can curve the wall if needed, capable of shifting in order to spread energy more efficiently. It can also grow attachments of magical energy from it at will.


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If a target is within 15 feet of him, he can send a wave that has an arc length of 4 feet and a height of 2 feet that casts an illusion that something or someone is the target they are looking for, or he can make them think he is somewhere else. This doesn't take into affect if their Magical Resistance is 7+ points higher than his Affinity. If an inanimate object or a projection is used to misdirect, it will generate another location or inanimate object to misdirect them towards after the illusion is broken, but it only works a second time. This lasts up to 3 posts, or if their resistance is 4-6 points higher, it will only last a post.


This is a simple fire projectile that may be launched from any appendage. Any. Appendage. It is 1500 degrees celsius in heat once it exits Geoff's hand and starts at 5 inches in radius, growing to 15 once it passes a foot away from Geoff. It can also be launched from his weapons such as Malleus, Wolfsbane and Shuko.


Geoff can place an up to 3-foot radius magic circle that binds electrical magic to it, acting as a trap that can be placed on any surface that allows it. When someone other than Geoff gets close to it, he can activate it to explode to release a shockwave. Otherwise, it can send a pulse of electricity to stun the person momentarily if they touch it. Geoff may aim with his fingers to cast a series of small Yrdens or use his hands to cast larger ones.

Yrden: Plume

Using Yrden, instead of stunning on contact or releasing a shockwave, the circle acts as a mine of sorts, propelling a plume of hot fire of equal radius to the circle. It may also be a fog that induces a reaction in which energy is taken away from the afflicted, causing them to slow down tremendously if caught.


A spell meant for his chain, he can propel it by making a throwing motion, enhancing the through by magic and letting it extend. He uses the condensation of light and simultaneous bending to propel it and shift its trajectory to say, wind around an ankle or to hit a target that is slightly off track.


Casting a minor form of haste, Geoff gives him +1 Speed for 3 posts, which he may stack to a maximum of +2 with a cooldown of 7 posts. Geoff may also cast one or both uses on another if need be.


Geoff may enchant his own body or another's with a magical reinforcement that affects both M. Res and Constitution by adding +2 to each for 2 posts but it comes at the cost of -1 Strength and has a 7 post cooldown after one use.

Resonant Roar

Geoff may release a field of high-frequency sound that creates a growing shell-shaped shockwave that is also carrying various other frequencies at random, holding the potential to resonate with objects or causing ear drums to explode, also acting as a minor pushing force. Geoff may also direct this into a wave that concentrates to have more force when pushing. When used in Wolf Form, the force is much greater and the spherical shell reaches much greater distances. The wave form of the roar has a higher kinetic force as well.


Turn Undead/Harm Monster

Geoff may summon a field of holy energy to tear the spirits away from the undead afflicted. This does indeed affect the Feared and the Imagine. Using this skill creates a burning sensation over his body and if strenuously used, will create moderate burns on his body. This is due to still having the blood of a monster. Against monsters, this will create moderate burns at best. In order to turn undead, Jensen must have superior magic to their magical resistance. In order to cause minor burns to monsters, his magic must be at least 5 points superior to their magical resistance, 15 for moderate burns. In the event the enemy is statless, then there must be any kind of superiority versus the undead, a moderate superiority for minor burns to monsters and a major superiority for moderate burns to monsters.

White Lion

Using a holy blade, Jensen is able to emblaze it with a white fire. This has the same effect as Turn Undead except he must have 5 points of magic superior to the undead's magical resistance. This also adds the effect of fire encompassing the blade. From each slash, an arc of fire launches out as a projectile. This only lasts 4 posts, or alternatively sustained by subtracting 1 Stamina from Jensen's stamina pool until deactivated, where the point will be returned.

Blue Tiger

This is similar to White Lion, except it just requires an advantage like Turn Undead. It can only last 2 posts, and for the rest of the topic subtracts 1 Stamina from Jensen's pool. The return for this sacrifice is the ability to cut through non-magical materials like a hot knife through butter and making it especially deadly against those unarmored. It is a blue glow in place of burning, white fire.

Holy Wall

Jensen summons a 10-by-15 meter wall that arcs, allowing things like fire to roll off of it. He must remain in place while it's active, but its durability is equivalent to his END + 4. It can only last up to 3 posts and subtracts 1 Stamina for the rest of the topic. It is an opaque wall of white energy that must spawn from a shield or piece of armor.

Holy Flame

Jensen can summon the white fire that smybolizes holy energy. While it does give him a burning sensation, it does not significantly harm him to use. He can infuse this into glyphs to affect undead and monsters as if their Mag. Res. was -2 and -1 respectively. He may create minor fireballs, crawling waves, and large but short bursts of flame by itself. He may also enchant his weapons with it, however it does not carry the effect of Turn Undead, simply fire.

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Mutagenic Traits

Feral Carnage

Due to the presence of mutated genes within his body, Geoff has heightened senses and is slightly stronger than he normally would be as a human. Because of this, his strength and senses come with the cost of a blood-lust and a difficulty controlling himself during combat. +1 Strength and Dexterity. When he is outside of combat, he has the control to keep his feral traits under control.

Eyes of the Hunter

The mutated genes within Geoff's body give him a sharper vision and at times where his Feral Carnage affects him greatly, he sees his target as a translucent figure, showing the vital organs as a vivid, bright cherry-red.

The Wolf [Beast Mode]

Geoff may willingly transform into his werewolf form, or otherwise be forced by his lack of control. This causes him to expel stamina more easily but his speed and dexterity along with his strength experience an increase. If Geoff fights vigorously, his muscles will experience tearing towards the closing of the form. This form only lasts up to 4 posts if used without a full moon, but if there is a full moon it will last 8 posts but Geoff will be more primal. +1 Strength, Speed, Dexterity. -2 Stamina, Chance of injury after-effects.

The Wolf [Controlled]

This form is the perfect harmony between wolf and human, allowing Jensen to experience the boosts from his beast form for the rest of a the cost of his Feral Carnage mutagenic boosts. He can control himself in this form perfectly, but if he becomes too wounded he will revert to his Beast Mode for half the duration it normally has. In a full moon, changing is dangerous as Jensen is not yet trained to change into this state, only capable of changing into Beast Mode. Also, there is a -2 Magical Resistance versus Light magic.

Possible Variations of Wolf Form:

Wolf's Blood

Due to the mutated genes within Jensen's body, his DNA becomes dominate versus other living beings, fending off natural illnesses and poisons that are native to the worlds he has visited, unless they are rare enough to where he wouldn't have run into it. Also, this means that his DNA can be used to turn others into were-wolves but he acts as their Alpha while their mutation is still young and developed. Otherwise, he has to show dominance to keep the throne of Alpha. This means his bite, his blood, etc. can poison another and turn them unless they can't resist it. There is a chance of death if one cannot endure the change.


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