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Name: Alois Altair

Age: 24

Sex: Male

Species: Alter


Physical appearance pictured here.

Standing at 6 feet in height, Alois is a physically strong, but agile male. He keeps himself in good shape through frequent exercise and takes pride in his conditioning. Alois is an Alter, which for all intents and purposes, is no different than a normal human being. They only have a few minor differences in biology. For example, the heart of an Alter resides in the right side of the chest instead of the left, and they only have one kidney, instead of two. Their lungs are also more durable due to the environment they evolved in, so they’re less likely to be affected by inhaled toxins, they can hold their breath longer, and for the most part, aren’t affected by shortness of breath in high places.


To say Alois is straight-faced would be putting it mildly. Alois displays very little emotion and to most people, he seems very stiff and uninteresting. He comes off as plain to many. His facial features are very sharp, and the way he expresses what he does feel can usually be interpreted as harsh. He seems to be constantly moody based on the look he wears. However, he usually doesn’t put much feeling into anything. He rarely feels overly positive or negative about anything.

Alois rarely ever openly expresses happiness, as he feels a large part of himself has died. He never smiles, or at least, he never smiles happily. He might throw a fake smile out every once in a while, or even a smile in dry humor, but he never smiles out of genuine happiness.

Alois is a loner for the most part, having fallen from grace as a guardian. He feels as if he has disgraced himself beyond the point of being worthy of company, or swearing his loyalty to another person. That said, he is still attached to his first mistress, and remains emotionally unavailable. In his heart, he still loves her, and he still blames himself for her death. This plays a large part in Alois’ self-imposed exile and the reason why he refuses to stay in one place for very long.

Alois can be very cold at first reception, making him very hard to befriend. Just as well, making friends with him really doesn’t net a person much. He is almost entirely detached from bonding experiences. It is extremely difficult for him to befriend someone, but he’ll generally have an easier time befriending women. Much like any male from his world, he is a very formal, old fashioned romantic, and has a soft spot for females. They are, for the most part, exceptions to all of the faults of his personality. He is less cold and distant around females, and more prone to opening up to them.

Abilities and Skills:

  • Shadowsong: Alois’ blade sings a song of darkness, turning pitch black and infusing his strikes with the power of darkness. It gives his Strength an additional +1 and dark element, but gives his M. Resistance a -1 while active.
  • Sanguine Bolt: Alois unleashes a magical bolt of black and red lightning, damaging a target with thunder and dark elemental fury, and healing Alois for the damage dealt.
  • Ability Name: Ability Description
  • Ability Name: Ability Description

Weapons and Equipment:

Supplementary Battle System

Strength || 7 (+3 against Nobodies, -3 against Heartless)
Constitution || 6
M. Affinity || 3 (+2 dark)
M. Resistance || 5 (-2 dark)
Dexterity || 7
Speed || 7
Stamina || 7


Darkness (Anti-Nobody) - When battling Nobodies, Alois’ natural dark prowess makes him a bane to the creatures with a weakness to darkness.

Darkness (Weakness-Heartless) - His natural abilities in the dark schools make him less effective at eliminating the creatures of the dark.

Darkness (Magic trade-off) - Magic cast by Alois with a dark element have their power increased, but at the same time Alois is more susceptible to the dark powers of others.


In a land long since lost to the flow of death and destruction, a man by the name of Alois Altair once served a noblewoman by the name of Alda LaFougueux. He served dutifully, filled with pride for his position and love for his mistress.

Alois had been recruited at a young age to become a Chevalier, a knight who dedicated their entire life to a noblewoman. He was talented and headstrong, but caring, making him a natural selection for one particularly beautiful woman who sought to bring happiness to her people. She wanted his strength, his presence, to inspire people to her cause.

The people of this world sought equality, and revolution was a means to achieve that end. They had long since been distraught with the ruling powers and had begun forming militia in order to battle the ever-growing tyranny. It was the fear of rebellion, of a people dying for reasons that could have been avoided if the nobility were just a bit less selfish, that motivated Alda into finding a man such as Alois and trying to inspire people to peace. She sought to unite both the nobility and the common man and teach them to work together without bloodshed.

Alois and Alda had fallen in love with one another in the time they spent together, but they were unable to tell each other due to the monumental nature of the task they had undertaken. They felt that the release of their feelings would only distract them from what was truly important to focus on. Alda had quickly become a face of the rebellion for the nobles, as she ushered in talks of equality and rights, while the rebels viewed her as a shepherd of lies for the nobles. In short, she was hated by both sides. No matter how hard she tried, she was never able to get through to either side, and eventually, she saw her own home demolished. The rebels had begun a riot, invading her home and ultimately burning it to the ground.

Before it burned, Alois attempted to fight off the rebels so she could escape, before one of Alda’s own maids stabbed and sealed Alda’s fate. Alois quickly dispatched the rebels and maid before heading to her. As Alda’s life began to fade away in Alois’ arms, he cried and finally unloaded his feelings unto Alda. He told her of how much he loved her, and she smiled in the waning moments of her life. She responded in kind, but scolded him for not keeping his feelings a secret until they had accomplished their goal of peace. Alois apologized too late… Alda was gone before he could.

Enraged, but swallowed by sadness, Alois remained in the now-growing flames that engulfed Alda’s manor. Somehow, he managed to survive the flames, clenching a deceased Alda in his arms. By the time the fires had been put out, Alois had died inside. Feeling responsible for her death, he sentenced himself to exile and began to use his dark powers to wander through the worlds.

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