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Serizawa - - -
> Nature’s Balance

> Male
> Humanoid
> ???

[-] Atlantica
[-] Christmas Town
[-] Halloween Town
[-] Space Paranoids
[-] The Grid
[-] The Pridelands
[-] Timeless River
Character Emblem Here


    > Physical Appearance
    Serizawa stands fairly tall, around 6’9” and weighs much more than he appears to actually be. His eyes are an amber colour, while his hair reaches his neck, spiked backwards. His ears are somewhat pointed, as well as his teeth. Despite his stature, he appears to still be somewhat youthful, though he refuses to disclose his actual age, or how he attained his youth. On his chest seems to be a strange scar that spreads over his pectorals slightly, but seems to cause him no harm.

    > Outfit or Armor Description
    Serizawa’s attire is typically of a grey color scheme, featuring a dark grey vest, on the back of which seem to be designs which almost resemble spines. The texture of his attire is fairly rough on the outside, feeling almost as if they were scales of some sort. His pants, despite their bulk, actually serve to show how well defined his muscles are, as his legs are not too far off from where the pants fit


    Serizawa on the outside seems to be a cold, stoic person, however, on the inside; he is cold, stoic, loyal and honorable. Having lived in solitude for many years, Serizawa has become fairly distant to most, and at times apathetic to the woes of others. However, his training will occasionally show through as he becomes humble and loyal. Still, when his inferno rages, he focuses on nothing more than the destruction of those who stand before him.

Combat and Ability Information

    > Elements
    The main element that seems to be associated with Serizawa appears to be the element of Fire.

    > Weapons of Choice
    Spine of the King | Serizawa’s main weapon is a powerful Zweihander, which he is more than capable of wielding with one hand. Still, he does prefer to use it properly and is more than efficient with such a weapon.

    > Fighting Style
    Serizawa is a brutish fighter, preferring to barrage his target as much as possible with a wide combination of attacks. However, if put on the defensive, he will quickly begin to analyze his target in any way possible, searching for anything that could be exploited as a weakness.

    > Strengths
    Serizawa is a powerful physical brawler, but at the same time, he is also semi-proficient in magical abilities.

    > Weaknesses
    Serizawa’s biggest weakness is his weakness to extreme dosages of electricity, a side-effect of his power. Another weakness is his lack of speed, unable to keep up with faster adversaries. Further, his accuracy can be somewhat lackluster, but is not too inaccurate.

    > Stats and Level
      Level || 3
      Strength || 7
      Constitution || 7
      M. Affinity || 7
      M. Resistance || 7 (+2 vs. Fire/Lava, -2 vs. Lightning)
      Dexterity || 4
      Speed || 4
      Stamina || 6

    > Abilities
      Mythic Ray | Serizawa charges his body with a blue glow, causing certain parts of him to shine brightly, running up the back of his legs, before converging around his mouth. Once charged, he lets loose with a powerful blue beam from his mouth, capable of dealing high damage.

      Blood of G | Coursing through the veins of Serizawa is a mysterious force that allows him to regenerate most wounds. Over time, he is even capable of regenerating lost limbs as well.

    Long ago, in a far-off land, there existed a tribe of mystical warriors who were beyond the capabilities of normal men. These warriors followed a code of honor, fighting to protect the balance of the world, fending off invaders and various other forces. As time went on, the warriors soon found themselves outmatched by powerful foes, who quickly overran the world. Eventually, the world itself faded away, lost forever…

    One of the warriors, however, refused to fall with his world, and held on, his strong heart causing him to appear in Land of Dragons. Not willing to let any other worlds fall to the same fate as his own, he travels now, aiming to restore the balance as best as he can.

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