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Alias: Pestilence


Standing at about 5'2, he's pretty toned in build. He has black hair and red eyes. He's usually wearing black pants and a black shirt or sweater. He usually is wearing a pair of headphones on his ears.



A young man who will keep you guessing until the very end whats on his mind. He's curt and straightforward and very loud. But he is very loyal to those he believes in, which may be few and far between, but it happens.

Weapons and Abilities

Dual Daggers and Laced Kunai

Pestilence has two reinforced laced poison daggers that he uses that are both about twelve inches along. Within his pouch he carries laced kunai their are 180 however within the pouch it looks as though there are simply four. All items are coated with a poison that when connects with any exposed or open skin will work to poison the blood stream and destroy the opponents defenses and if extra effective will cause death. Initially senses and vision to blur, followed by the weakening of body response and damage to the brain followed by possible paralysis.

(A large quantity of strikes or if only a few a long time must pass, in order for these to take effect.)

At will, a kunai or his daggers will fall out of the sleeves of his sweater or be within the closed opened mouth of one his snakes that morph from his body.

[The effectiveness of the venom falls underneath magical affinity due to being of Kuro]
Serpent's Coil

This is the main way Pestilence will fight. Emerging from anywhere on his body, even being able to come off the clothes he may be wearing will be sleek, black snakes. They vary in size and species. Pythons being massive and powerful, and vipers being small and deadly. The skin of each snake is made from a tough material that is able to collide with reinforced steel and other dense materials. He is also capable of transforming into one of these snakes. Each snake has sharp fangs able to bite and latch down onto someone. He is able to unleash as many snakes from his body as he wants. They're super fast, super strong, and have an incredibly far range.  

[The stats of these snakes and there overall effectiveness would count underneath his magical affinity not the strength of his body. These snakes may restrict and even strike the elements.]

Always active. Occures when one of the snakes make a successful bite to the enemy, an extremely deadly venom is released into their body.

The venom consists of rose / plant properties that would destroy usual venoms strengthen this ability due to it being brought about by the same element and must be dispelled from the body through other means.

This venom will cause the victim to initially feel a heavy, burning sensation along with muscle spasms within the area bit, and after a while (I.E. at least seven to ten posts later depending on how many bites were received), the vision will be become blurry, eyes becoming red, while senses, reaction times, and reflexes all will become distorted.

If one suffers an extreme amount of bites it is possible for their body to stop responding to them and enter a state of shock.

This also can be spread in the form of a known as the poison bog.

[The ability venom counts underneath magical affinity.]
Serpent Blast

From his palms, eyes, or the mouth of one of his summoned snakes, Pestilence is able to fire forth an energy blast that does damage to overall stamina and resistance towards poisons. Will irritate and burn  

[The ability Serpent Blast counts underneath magical Affinity]
When Impaled or attempt to be cut in half or anything of the sort. Pestilence eyes will explode along with his body which change into snakes going every which way. The blood that appears shoots outwards will extremely acidic and sear into tough material or skin. If this sears into the skin it will increase the effect of the venom if the victim was bit.

Pestilence will reform instantly from one of the snakes that shot out.

If All snakes are destroyed Pestilence will die.
[strength of blast and magic count underneath magical affinity stat]
Level 1

Supplementary Battle System

Strength || 2
Constitution || 8
M. Affinity || 10
M. Resistance || 5
Dexterity ||  7
Speed || 4
Stamina || 6


None on this current level.


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