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Name: Ashley knight

Age: 18

Appearance: She has long black hair that is always perfectly straight and beautful blue eyes most people in her school think she is vary stuck up but she's really not. She always wears the most girlest clothes and people think she is rich, she tries to stay away from the populer kids in her school but they are the only one that try to talk to her so they can use her for her parents money. She may look rich but she is'nt anymore after her parents died she lives with her aunt and her kids.

Sex: Female

Species: Human

Personality: She's always kind, respectful and evary sweet to everyone, she alway happy but if she not there is something wrong but she never talks about it. She's shy went shes meets new people and takes a long time to get along and comforable around them. She loves to sing, dance and to play her instrument went no one is around but if someone see's her she get vary nerves and dose'nt play for a while, she plays the piano and guiter like a professional and makes her own music for fun.

Abilities and Skills:

  • Ability Name: Ability Description
  • Ability Name: Ability Description
  • Ability Name: Ability Description
  • Ability Name: Ability Description

    Weapons and Equipment:

    • Weapon Name: Weapon Description
    • Armour Name: Armour Description
    • Item Name: Item Description

    Supplementary Battle System[b][b]

    Strength ||
    Constitution ||
    M. Affinity ||
    M. Resistance ||
    Dexterity ||
    Speed ||
    Stamina ||


    Ashley was born into a rich family and was loved by everyone except her aunt because she was jealous of her. went she was 6 she would walk around her house all the time and sing song and as she got older her voice became beautful and gentle. she would make up song to sing to her mother and father and they loved to listen to her sing all the time. Went she turned 10 she stared to learn how to play the piano and guitar then started to make her own music. Just before her 13 birthday her parents got into a horrble accident and she had to live with her aunt. went she got to her aunts house she was told her room was in the attic went she got up there their was a small bed and a blanket for her. her mother and father lift her lots of money but would'nt let her have it until she was 20 or started college, she had to start a new school and the moment she got there people thought she was a stuck up person she was a loner for all of middle school and she switched to a different highschool the populer kids are the only one's that would talk to her because they wanted to use her but she stayed away from them all the time. she got a couple of real friend and she wasnt alone, she tries to stay away from her aunt becuase her aunt treats her different from her kids all the time and the kids start to treat her the same way. she acts strong in front of her friend and try not to look sad or hurt but shes hurt bad inside. she not aloud to sing or do anything in her aunt's house so she keeps her voice silent and dosen't play anymore unless she's at school alone

    History: John Smith was born.

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