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Lynette Elise
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Name: Kibble

Age: Hatchling

Appearance: Kibble is a small fairy dragon who has a white hide with pale blue striped markings along her back.  Going from her head to the edge of her tail is a mane of dark green hair that sits mostly flat against her spine.  She has two small horns on her head of a jet black color and her wings are butterfly-styled and colored green, yellow, and black.  Her brilliant green eyes seem to glow whenever she is in dim lighting.  Her overall length, from nose to tail, is roughly three feet long.

Sex: Female

Species: Fairy Dragon

Personality: Kibble is a baby dragon.  She is new to the worlds and curious about anything and everything.  She is, though, a baby, and so she is also easily frightened and emotionally needy.  Her ability to understand the things around her is severely limited because of her lack of experience, but she finds everything endlessly fascinating.  She gets confused easily and sometimes has problems remembering to "use her words".

Abilities and Skills:

  • Flutter: Kibble's wings can, actually, lift her off the ground and allow her to fly, though she isn't very strong.  She can fly upwards of six to ten feet high in a single burst, but must then land and rest briefly.  If she is maintaining a given height, then she can remain airborne for several minutes.
  • Natural Linguist: Kibble has the ability to speak any language from the moment of her hatching.  She might not be the most eloquent given her youth, but she can make her thoughts known.
  • Buuuuurrrrrrp: Kibble is able to "spit up" an elemental attack of fire, ice, or lightning.  The attack can travel no further than twice her body length before dissipating.
  • Ability Name: Ability Description

Weapons and Equipment:

  • Weapon Name: Weapon Description
  • Armour Name: Armour Description
  • Item Name: Item Description

History: Kibble doesn't know where she came from.  For a very long time all she knew was the warmth and security inside the Egg, but eventually the Egg became too confining.  She wanted something new, but she didn't know what it was.  She pouted and she struggled, but the Egg was too small for her.  In a burst of frustration she kicked out with her feet as she thrust up her nose and heard a crack.  She had managed to crack the Egg.

It took much struggling on her part, but she broke her way free of the Egg and looked around her with blinking, confused eyes.  Something New was happening to her, she had Hatched.

Characters: Kibble, the Fairy Dragon

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