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11.1.2017 - Kingdom Hearts RP is now closed. We'd like to thank everyone who invested time on the site for contributing to a wonderful experience which lasted for many years. All stories must eventually end, but while this may seem bittersweet, it can't be stressed enough what a pleasure it was to create and share them with you all. Goodbye everyone.

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Kenos is quite comfortable in front of others and is able to speak to strangers easily, although he tends not to initiate the conversations himself. An easy smile is on his face a lot, and he jokes frequently with those he meets. Kenos speaks passionately about his views on the World and on Life. When no one is around, Kenos enjoys conversing with himself or his pet cat; despite being friendly to others, there were few he actually considered friends. However, when he bonds with someone that bond is strong and eternal.

Kenos has a soft spot for children and animals, particularly his pet cat Tammy. When around people he cares for, he displays a bit of a sarcastic side. Regardless of all the thinking he does, Kenos understands little about himself, and is lost for an answer if one tries to ask him. He refuses to believe the positive things about him, and takes what people say seriously (except when they say something good about him, in which case he believes they are just trying to be nice). He absolutely hates lying, thinking it will hurt the person more if they discover the lie. He'd choose honesty over niceties.

He doesn't realize it, but he always walks slowly with a blank look on his face. This is probably because his mind is always elsewhere. Despite this disconnection from the world, Kenos' body seems to move on its own accord when walking through large crowds; he weaves through it effortlessly and without stopping until he reaches his destination. Alone, he appears calm and collected, but among others, he looks to be awkward and out of place. When he's nervous, Kenos tends to crack his wrists, knuckles, and fingers. This can go on for several minutes. He also has the habit of uttering random words suddenly due to his thinking so much, but mostly when he remembers an unpleasant memory. He also has the habit of rubbing the back of his neck when embarrassed or uncomfortable.
  • Name: Divine
  • Type: Sword
  • Length: 3 ft
  • Other: Able to combine with Eclipse to form a staff, Divine Eclipse. Increases the user's positive feelings and thoughts. Divine is made of a diamond-silver compound and is silver with black diamond designs along the side.
  • Name: Eclipse
  • Type: Sword
  • Length: 3 ft
  • Other: Able to combine with Divine to form a staff, Divine Eclipse. Increases the user's negative feelings and thoughts. Eclipse is made of a obsidian-steel compound and is black with grey diamond designs along the side.
  • Name: Divine Eclipse
  • Type: Staff
  • Length: 6 ft
  • Other: Divine Eclipse balances the Light and Darkness in one's heart, so that the user becomes swiped clean, blank of any thoughts and emotions. (S)he is not hindered by feelings of compassion and mercy nor does (s)he go too far due to rage. This helps the user controls his/her emotions.
  • Name: Eclipsed Divinity
  • Type: Longbow
  • Other: An attachment to Divine and Eclipse. A small They join as they normally would, except the ripples on both swords face inwardly and are angled back. A thin steel cable is attached to each end of the blades. It usually takes Kenos 15-30 seconds to assemble or disassemble the weapon. The arrows used for this bow are kept in a quiver and can fly up to 300 feet in normal conditions (no wind, etc). Kenos is able to fire as many arrows as he wishes in each post, but it takes him about three seconds to fire each without aiming or adjusting. It'll take a couple seconds longer for him to aim somewhere else.
Summons & Pets
Dual Blader
A skilled swordsman, Kenos is able to wield two weapons at once with ease and efficiency. Although his attacks are not the strongest, each movement is quick and calculated.

High Attunement
Kenos has the (slightly) heightened senses of a Fairy; as such, he is able to use them to react accordingly (i.e., hearing, vision, etc).

A synthetic fairy dust within Kenos’ body system that allows him to fly in relation to his base speed. In order to sustain this enchantment, Kenos must continuously pay mana. While he flies, a trail of golden sparks follow him.
[To Be Unlocked]

Sword Arc
By swinging his blades, Kenos is able to let loose an high-energy arc. This arc travels at a moderately high speed up to 20 feet away, and its size is equal to the length of the swing. Swinging Divine produces an arc of light; swinging Eclipse produces an arc of darkness. Alternatively, both can be swung at once to produce an arc of Nothingness.

By crossing his blades in an X-formation, Kenos is able to form a spherical barrier of Nothingness with a diameter equal to his height. The barrier is strongest in the front, at the point of the two swords’ crossing.

By swinging his sword(s) at the right moment, Kenos is able to redirect a minor offensive spell (such as miniature fire balls) heading towards him.

Zauber Fühlen
Kenos emits an invisible aura of Nothingness, which spans seven meters from his skin. When a form of magic, be it spell, summon, or person, enters the area of the void, the power and element(s) are immediately identified. The information is translated through the senses (i.e., smells like Light or sounds like Illusion), with the severity of the sense representing the power/levels of the magic

Schatten Reise
Kenos merges with his shadow. While in this form, he is limited to magical attacks and enchantments. However, his physical defense increases moderately (being only a shadow) and his magical defense decreases moderately. Kenos can only move along surfaces as a shadow, and is unable to move through open air. He is also unable to hide completely--even if he were hiding in the darkness or the shadow of something or someone else as a shadow, a slight outline around his form would reveal him. If Kenos is attacked while attempting to move into or out of his shadow, he remains stuck in whatever form he is already in and cannot re-attempt it again until next post. During the post that he is transitioning into either form, he can take damage and is unable to attack or use spells.
[To Be Unlocked]

Causes the caster to disappear from existence for a total of five posts from all/any users. When the user reappears, he returns to the exact same spot as when he disappeared and in the exact same position. He does not have any knowledge of any event that went on in his absence; for him it is as if he were gone for only an instant. Also, any object the caster is holding, such as a weapon, will disappear along with him; this effect is limited only to objects he can physically hold himself, and not any living creature. If there is an object or person in the point of re-existence, the user's body will be shifted slightly (in placement, not position) to avoid conflict with the emerging substance.
[To Be Unlocked]
Tammy [WERECAT]--Pet
Tammy can switch between her Humanoid Form and her Animal Form at will. When she is in her Animal Form, a small collar around her neck appears. A tag with her name etched into it is attached to the collar.

Quick as a Cat:
Tammy is able to scale buildings and other structures at ease, is extremely nimble and agile, and is able to twist and maneuver her body as she wishes.

Attributes: Humanoid Form
Strength || 6 (Animal Form -2)
Constitution || 6 (Animal Form -2)
M. Affinity || 3
M. Resistance || 3
Dexterity || 8 (Animal Form +2)
Speed || 8 (Animal Form +2)
Stamina || 8


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