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11.1.2017 - Kingdom Hearts RP is now closed. We'd like to thank everyone who invested time on the site for contributing to a wonderful experience which lasted for many years. All stories must eventually end, but while this may seem bittersweet, it can't be stressed enough what a pleasure it was to create and share them with you all. Goodbye everyone.

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Project Daedalus

[Subject Name]
Geoff Jensen

[Subject Background Information]
-Official Information-

-Assumed Personality-
Geoff's brain shows signs of an aggressive behavior along with the likelihood that he will resort to violent action when provoked. Geoff seems to formerly have the capacity for thinking on his own, which has since been altered to make him more obedient and loyal. Geoff has an optimistic, giddy composure to the world, which has not been cut but has been redirected to contributing to the tasks given to him. His easily-provoked nature has been censored while successfully not notifying him of such.  Geoff has shown signs of the ability to act with apathy, which may be assisted by IAGI2 in times it is needed. During his apathetic spurts, he has a lack of restraint over those he is supposed to physically act against. Geoff, personally, is capable of making friends when in his free-will mode, which only provides his social abilities and not an actual free will.

-Physical Medium-
A few things should be noted:

  • The subject wields, for his left hand, a mechanical hand that utilizes raw, unelemental mana that may release various bursts of energy.
  • The subject has a utility belt that may carry 4 canisters at a time filled with whatever necessary. The canisters may be at most 6 inches long with a 3-diameter.
  • The subject has mechanical eyes that allow either normal vision, heat vision, night vision or an enhanced eye sight that allows targeting up to 5 biotic beings at a time. It may tell the presence of magic within a being or 15 feet around him and can sense the presence of a moving being within a 45 foot diameter.
  • Implanted in his head, a copy of Felonix's IAGIS named IAGI2 (or IAGIS 2).
  • A sigil located on his belt may act as a communicator between him and Felonix, and also provides IAGI2 a private line between IAGIS and Felonix. It also may send out a distress signal and allows communication between him and the subjects of Batch-E, aka "Icarus-Class" Replicas. It allows Geoff to hack basic to intermediate-complexity securities within technology.
  • His boots offer shock-absorbers that allow him to fall from great distances and safely land.
  • Armed on his back is a device allowing him paratrooper capabilities. It has a propulsion system and mechanical wings that are designed to provide the effect of flying as well as having 1.25x his wingspan, which is 78 inches. IAGI2 may control it upon Geoff's command by opening it or moderating the propulsion. There is an air-brake system combined with counter-propulsion. The propulsion system runs on two tanks of a liquid that absorbs plentiful amounts of mana, allowing for up to 125 meters per tank of travel.
  • While needed to be experimented on, his heart is a sapphire-colored sigil that moves and is shaped like a normal heart.  It has properties that suppressed mana flow and power.

-The Event-

Prior to Felonix discovering Geoff, he had a militant history that has since been erased from his mind. IAGI2 is used to keep Geoff from questioning it. The Event was an experiment held by Felonix that involved testing the warriors within the sample area by releasing a berserking homunculus with fantastic magical and physical ability. The only survival was Geoff whom slayed the beast, showing fantastic physical capability but requiring to be experimented to increase magical capability. It wasn't an issue with the lack of magical capabilities, but something suppressed it. It was also found that there were weapons that only Geoff could wield, most notable his Ohm and Sharktooth swords. They seem to have a connection with each other and Geoff, making them inseparable.

Note: The heart only affects him

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Ohm - Ohm is a steampunk-fashion sword that has the ability to have a hyper-vibrating blade as well as having a flamethrower mounted on the back-end of the sword. There is a small gas tank that allows for use of the flamethrower sparingly. The blade has few magical abilities that escape the suppression of Geoff's heart, but its capable of becoming super-heated with or without the vibration. It may also fuse with Sharktooth to form a special sword...Also, its blade may retract to half its length so it can be sheathed into a side-mounted holster.

Sharktooth - A collapsible sword that IAGI2 may trigger the teeth to move like a saw but otherwise it may collapse into a dagger that may be sheathed in a small holster. It is a heavy blade but in the hands of Geoff, it acts like it is much lighter. Non-magical versions are outfitted for Icarus-Class replicas.

Fafnir - A combination of Ohm and Sharktooth, creating a sword that is unaffected by the magical suppression of Geoff's heart. It has a mouth-like blade that releases excess green, raw mana. It may release massive bursts of mana and may vibrate as if it were a saw. There is a dial on the hilt that Geoff can put his hand too, connecting to it and activating one of three abilities: either draw the natural flow of mana from the area (not anyone's personal source) in order to charge its power, transform it into a mana-based cannon that fires a constant ray that may grow exponentially based on how much mana has been drawn from the area (due to it not coming from personal sources, it can't absorb anything produced by another), or transform it into another sword with a blade equivalent to a fixated laser. (Final Fafnir). The final sword form only lasts for 3 posts and has a passive ability of charging itself with the natural source of mana (what flows in the air).

Mechanical Hand (Left): Prometheus - A hand that, when unaffected by Geoff's heart, allows him to utilize his mana to produce raw energy blasts and heat the claws of it. The fingers may adjust to become bladed. Weaker versions are outfitted for Icarus-Class replicas.


Daedalus' Wings - Geoff's paratrooper tool he has attached to his back at all times. There are two tanks of liquid infused with mana that fuel the propulsion device which may propel or on the top of the device, prevent propulsion. Its has retractable wings that are 1.25x his wingspan. and has an air-braking system. IAGI2 controls the opening and closing of the wings. These devices are outfitted for Icarus-Class replicas from Felonix's replica program.

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