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Victor Churchill
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~Origin: La Cite' De Cloches~


Victor is a green-eyed, pale-skinned, mud-blonde-haired, young adult who usually dresses himself in the attire of a University Student, a light suit with dark colors and a gray-and-black, checkered tie. Normally he keeps a pair of athletic clothes within a briefcase with him due to the wild nature of the worlds. At all times he wears leather gloves on his hands for gripping and high-quality running shoes made from leather. His overcoat is usually left open due to the inevitable need to travel about. His spare clothes consist of a long-sleeved tunic that is navy in color and matching pants.


Victor is not really named Victor, for his name is Erik. Erik Churchill. Why he changed it to Victor is entirely up to his inspiration from a novel named “Frankenstein”, thus becoming the building blocks for the future, starting during his early adolescence. The book inspired Victor to study philosophy, science, literature, and all those academic qualities only turned him into an anti-social being that wishes to abhor humanity and see something beyond it. Though currently still just a boy, Victor wishes to become more than the ignorant child sheltered by the dislike of human interaction. He wishes to know the psychology, the gears, and whistles of a human being...The very schematic of a human being enthralls him even more.
Victor just wishes to learn what he can about the things he sees as most inferior to what space offers, just so he can breach the wall of humanity and become something more. Stronger. Faster. More intelligent, if possible. More social, more capable of thinking outside of a book. The farther Victor steps away from a book, the farther he thinks outside of a box, even if he bases his inquiries off of the knowledge of books. What better way to escape inferiority than to know the knowledge of weakness and correct it. For no other does he wish to correct it, only himself. Aside from personal desire and personal dislike of something, Victor sees himself as normal. Someone who is anti-social, attends a University, goes to church on Sunday’s and completely pretends to practice what is preached.
Victor is incapable of sustaining relationships, incapable of using his true form as a social basis, but acting is the remedy even if it was like trying to cure the bubonic plague. Effective and useless simultaneously. Victor is incapable of love beyond infatuation and the many variations of greed named the Seven Deadly Sins. The only time Victor is pleasant is when he meets someone he deems outside inferiority, in which case he is respectful but not without an uncomfortable smart-alic feel to his tone. Friendships, to him, are just like having a satchel for books, waistband for small tools, and a bag for supplies. Tools. Tools to be used for his research for the cure of inferiority of humanity.


Victor is merely a boy from an upper-class of La Cite’ De Cloches’ economy, and spoiled at that. Not a poor mage, nor a distraught adventurer or a man with a quest for vengeance or a boy with the hunger for the irrelevant portions of power or some figure of immaturity hunting for meaning and leadership. Not a nonsensical killer, nor was he even born a genius. No, Victor is a scholar, dubbed by some as the “Prick of Clocks” for his anti-social behavior. The childhood was merely a scramble of irrelevancy and unproductive learning, what is important is his entrance into college. There he turned his appleseeds into an apple tree, his true personality came to fruition and the goal was made clear.
Studying the anatomy of creatures, he procured a significant knowledge of biology, even escaping the censorship of the holy city’s version of it and seeking books from Gypsies. There he learned of Astronomy, the Gypsies granted him the illegal information that the Church sought to snuff out from the public. Basic bestiaries, books of Magi and the other sorts fueled his need to breach the limitations of humans. Eventually he became acquainted with a man named Fredrick, an outlaw from La Cite’ De Cloches whom sought the same level of knowledge but did not have the same cautious approach as Victor. The too spent time studying together and used a combination of blood magic and necromancy to have a two-front control over reanimations.
These reanimations began away from the Gypsies in a far away tower, but the only issue was that Victor could only direct and teach...Fredrick did not need him since only he had magical power. Fredrick had power beyond the normal human, closer to superiority than Victor and that was an issue. Victor spent time searching his partner’s den, finding a journal that spoke of how Victor’s use was running dry but only implications noted the plan for severance. Steps ahead, Victor took his signature dagger and impaled the chest of his partner, but to no avail as his partner had readily cast the power of necromancy and blood magic upon himself.
Soon, the newest animation saw the atrocity and had contained the sympathy of the brain donor, thrusting its hand into the mage’s chest, impaling itself just to retrieve Victor’s dagger and tearing upwards, killing the necessary parts of the man’s brain before returning the dagger. Victor, with a smile, repaid the favor by ending the monster’s misery. It was his wish to find the same fruits of success as Frankenstein found...But it was not his. No, he had no power to reanimate. To cover his tracks, he burned down the domain after evacuating all of his valuables and the research notes. Returning to La Cite’ De Cloches, he was met with welcoming hands, but even then he did not retire from visiting the Gypsies, though a bit delayed. Once he made his first visit in ages, he was met with the opposite of the University’s and Church’s reaction...Knowledge of the atrocities. Forbidden from returning, Victor deemed the Gypsies a broken tool that could not be repaired.
Victor, slowed in his progress, reached a point of unbearable bore. Instigated to leave the comfort zone of caution, he began studying the books he procured before his banishment from the Gypsies’ domain, building an unstable gummi ship which he planned on using to leave his home, soon discovered by the Church and marked for execution. If it was impossible to put him before the guillotine, then the templars were ordered to take action. Victor, forced to leave early, had to leave behind his research in a pyre that consumed it into nothingness. During his escape, his consciousness was taken away by the failure of gummi ship, crash-landing on Port Royal...At the time a symphony of ugly but superior-to-human beings.


  • Journal for logging daily events.
  • Small, steel dagger with leather made of bearskin wrapped around the handle and a ruby pommel.
  • 3-book carrier
    -Default: Necromancy for Newcomers, Frankenstein (Mary Shelley), A Drop of Blood (These three books are not explained on purpose, two of which are fictional)

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