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The Valkyrie
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Name: Liandry Liandry Vandesdelca Isis

Epithet: The Heartless Slayer

Age: 27

Appearance: Liandry is a tall well-endowed women of elegant beauty and stature, standing at 6 foot 1 without her heels she often towers over most of her peers. Her stature is only matched by her hunting features and stagnant elegance. A silent and deadly doll like face that peers into her foes with a joyless expression, admiring the execution of their life before arranging their last. Her skin is soft , unblemished and radiating paly over her slim tone physique that has been trained and harness to her peak of her military conditioning and years of grooming since she was a child. With the exception of the large scar across her left thigh her body has no imperfection of her original form. Her bluish-Sliver wavy hair extends just past her low back, touching shyly at her curvaceous hips with at their tips. Her eyes are deep cyan, cold and ice like that hardly appear to be looking at you but rather through you. Her lips in their natural state are also bluish in tint from the lack of blood flow however its easily masked with a blood red lipstick.

Her attire is that of a classic Lolita flare. Her upper torso is covered with a dark blue and black tight corset with red ribbons decorating the edges. The black metal undercoat lays hidden over the blue fabric making it deceptively weak. The gold trimmings on the edges twist and mark of her family’s crest. Her arms are covered with blue arm warmers that frill from the cuff pieces off in red fabric covering most of her hand hiding her twin crystals tied with sliver ribbons. Her low half is covered in a long blue dress, slit at the left side downward at an angle with a violet fabric with a red underlay tied by a white rose pendent at her front hip, dangling down in gold jewels. Her leggings range up to legs, soft and strong strapped only at her ankles down from her heels with the rose ascents, matching the large hair ornament

Casual attire

Battle attire

Sex: Female

Species: Human

Personality: Liandry is a women of high standards and upbringing by her noble family, named as war heroes by their ancestors accomplishments. She prides herself dearly to maintain her families title and wealth. She paints her always as a composed and strong stature masking the frail humility of her confined heart. One to rarely show weakness she never lets her appearance faultier even under pressure or show much else other then a still frozen expression of intensity. Much to her taste she is one that adores the strength of will and leadership qualities, muscle and magical power means little if the person behind them are nothing more then puppies just crawling through life in a tantrum. Liandry will not hesitate to look down upon those she considers beneath her heel or one that she finds pollutes the purity of humanities ideals. Merciless, and cold she will seek out anything to aid her quest but show little kindness to anything standing in her way.

She greatly dislike weakness of the heart, shyness, uncertainty etc are all flaws she expects others to correct at once. The only thing to that exceeds that hatred would be her dislike of the darkness and those that it calls children or given in to it. While tragic circumstance has slicked her with traits of the dark she seeks not a care but for justice, wiping out the shadows of existence is her own goal in life.

Liandry however is not without her humanity, she will socialize often to humans and those that she deems worthy. She may be a bit harsh but she will offer guidance for the youth when needed. Above all else she consider self a ideal more then anything, her beauty, her well-being mean little under the scoop of her pride.

Liandry best quality is her speed and mobility, able to get around quite easier, over long distances and in the least amount of time. Further her ability to control her body is well above average, hand and feet eye coordination is on par with master acrobats. Liandry’s precision and accuracy is well on par to the best of them making up for her lack of brute force with pin point strikes, her blade often does find its mark in hitting the weakest spots on her foe’s body while also getting in a greater number of hits. Despite her frail appearance Liandry has a moderately high amount of energy in her body, meaning she is able to perform an outstanding amount of actions and take quite a bit of punishment before she shuts down. Her magical power is also just above average to better help her lack of strength but not deadliness. Her attacks will get stronger and stronger each time they land.

Liandry’s worst quality overall would have to be her physical strength, she was not meant to wield or board sword or an axe three times her size. In line with her fragile appearance her body is not well suited to buffer out either types of damage. While she is able to dish out damage the girl needs time for her attacks to get effective as her first few initial blows are will be quite weak compared to her average base damage.

Abilities and Skills:

  • Stay the Night: Liandry’s true power is based on the accuracy, points and the number of hits rather then their actually impacts. With this her first few attacks are actually deal less damage then her normal base set. However the more and more she hits her foe the greater force her attacks speed and attack power increases to her future attacks, both magically and physical. How much so is equal to how much her first attacks dealt that keeps stacking ontop of each other for the rp.

  • Cursed blood: This power is one that comes with Liandry’s curse, each time she deals damage or her foe damages her a small amount of her magic will curse her foes with a deadly poison like de-buff into their bodies. It starts off only as a small douse, most of the time foes probably won’t notice it aside from slightly irritation of the body. But each time it is injected a stack into them the greater and greater effect it becomes if it remains in their bodies. Over time as this toxic substance remains in their bodies it will slowly weaken them overall and deal them a small amount of damage every post which stacks its effect each time its applied furthering the effects more.

  • Blood scent: Liandry very presences is a curse to her foes, while with a moderate distance of her body they will be a chance for them to receive an additional stack of “Curse” in addition of her other methods of applying her de-buff. There will be a marker then conjures itself in front of her that fly out at foes attempted to add the stack, it appears as a small tiny yellow light flying off her body that moves very fast and homes in on targets but deals no damage or applies no sensations if it lands. Three lights per foe to apply one stack each.

  • Final Hour: Liandry empowers her next attacks to deal a moderate boost of damage, she also gains a large speed boast to seek out and offer her foes relief. For three post Liandry will mask her appearance in illusion camouflage, making it very difficult to see her. If her next attacks lands she will remove all traces of her curse from her foes. But as a result of the exorcism, for each stack of cursed poison removed deals an additional large burst of magical damage for the duration of this ability with each landing blow. She will gain back the curse and the power it drained from her foe’s, empowering herself further and healing a small percentage for each stack removed. Liandry is also able to detonate the burst of energy remotely from a distance but does not get the buffs or heal factor.

  • Holy reckoning: Liandry will send forth a long range sphere of condensed light energy that has a moderate high speed but high homing ability at her foe. If it hits this deals a moderate amount of light damage plus this adds an additional 5 stacks of her curse.

  • Elegant starker: Liandry empowers her blade a deep crimson with magic, this causes her attacks send out shock waves each time she swings for attacks. They travel in straight line quickly out from her blade a long range, dealing a moderate amount of damage in additional to half her physical strength as well. The damage is also separate from her weapon’s attack meaning should could deal multiply strikes in extreme quick succession. Being hit with the magical aspect adds two additional stacks of curse.

  • Assassin’s Mark: Each time she lands a strike or focus on the same target for more then one post a visible rune appears on the target’s body (they choose where) if it is hit that mark will deal additional damage based on how accuracy hit on the mark was. Once it deals the bonus damage that mark will need to reform elsewhere on their body.

  • EveryGreen Temperament: Firstly this trait allows Liandry to naturally heal faster if given time to rest after battles and resistance poison better then average. This ability is one that can be used as somewhat as restorative effect but at great cost, she is able to heal up other’s wounds to a great degree by touching them however as a result the same degree of pain and damage is transferred to her own body, the sensation of pain that is transferred is reduced . Stamina lost is not transferred or dulled for the person she is helping.

  • Never easy: After landing three attacks Liandry is able to store a charge of a defensive spell that is able to block a degree of power from an attack or buffer some of the damage off. The shield forms around her in a semi small sphere around her that just covers her body, she is able to use it whenever she wishes after getting the charge. After its use the charge is gone and she was get a new one, charges are stackable.

  • Runelogy: Liandry is able to produce any number of physical platforms on any surface and angle within a large space around her at will. These creations cannot block attacks and foes will pass right through them, Liandry however can physical touch them or bypass them as she wishes. She is also able to stick to any surface at angle regardless of normal gravity.

  • Mirage: Liandry is able blend light around her to a fairly good degree either to produce an intangible mirror forms of herself that she is able to produce an a decent location around her that move at her will or mimics her body or camouflage herself in her surroundings, this isn’t complete concealment like invisibility but makes it difficult to fully focus at her location. While the clones are not able to interact with the physical world she is able to push off them or propel from them as if they were.

  • Phantom dancer: Liandry is able to produce two additional mirror images of herself. Much like “Mirage” ability however unlike that ability these two images are able to effect things as solid matter. However there limitations to this, they can only form near her body, at best they can only move a foot away from her real body. As well these images can only mimic actions Liandry herself has just taken after a very small fraction of time as it has happening.

Weapons and Equipment:

  • Red Lunar Bloom: A long rapier blade that’s thin yet strong red metal allows for quick attacks and pin point accuracy with little wind resistance. It is sharpen at all points, to allow the blade to easily thrust into martial with ease and able to cut quite well if need be. A blow landing from this weapon adds an additional stack of curse.

  • Black Lunar rite: Several black tint metal daggers that are carried underneath her breast plate she can draw quickly.

  • Tip of beauty: A Trident dagger that used for parrying blows Liandry uses as of offhand weapon to defend with, it is easily able to switch to offence as well when an opening presents itself. This dagger is poison tipped and will cut flesh with ease. A blow landing from this weapon adds an additional stack of curse.

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