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Name: Tororu Ishida

Age: 21

Appearance: Tororu hasámedium lengtháblack hair and one cat like yellow eye and a blue eye. He normally is shirtless showing off his muscular body. His leggings are black and torn. He wares a belt with a skull buckle and a skull of unknown origins on his hip.

Sex: Male

Species: Human/Nightmare Being

Personality: Tororu is a kind soul that has been through a lot in his young life. He likes to be alone where he can't harm anyone, and they can't harm him, but he does also want to seek those that would not seek his destruction for what he was born with. Due to his history, he usually pulls pranks or generally acts like he doesn't care what people think of him.

The other entity inside Tororu is what is known as a Nightmare Beast. A NightmareáBeast is an entity that lives and grows from the fear, chaosáand nightmares of those around them. Just being in close proximity would bring thoughts of the worst memories that a person has even if they were thought to be long forgotten. This being only wants chaos and fear so it could feed and become stronger becoming the next level of Nightmare Being.

Abilities and Skills:

  • Nightmare Walk: After building up momentum in any direction, Tororu will flicker and seem to disappear as he moved in high speeds almost making it seem like he teleports.
  • Nightmare Canon: Not only does this attack do a decent about of physical harm, but this blast of energy can cause people to hallucinate. More often than not, it will be their worst fears, but it can be anything.
  • Chaotic Transformations: This skill allows Tororu to change his body in almost ay way as long as there is no large change in mass. He can also use this to change things around him in anything he desired or make them come alive.
  • Amplification: Using an ancient form of magic, Tororu can amplify one of his attributes to another level for time. He can only amplify one stat at a time. Each casting requires an incantation.
  • Chaotic Duplicates: When Tororu is in control of himself, the duplicates act like he would normally would. They would often bicker and play fight amongst themselves and may cause some mischief if left on their own. If they were to be destroyed, something strange happen within the area the duplicate was destroyed in. When Tororu is in Nightmare Form, the disposition of the duplicates changes with Tororu. They will focus on their opponent and fight with everything they have. Each one will have their own weapon. When one of them would be destroyed, whatever destroyed them would instantly be twice its weight and increase with each duplicate destroyed.
  • Thunder Bolt: With a quick incantation, a magic circle would appear before Tororu and a large lightning bolt would streak to attack his enemy. The bolt can knock back an enemy off their feet. If completely undefended it can cause numbness or slight paralysis.
  • Flame Thrower: With a quick incantation, a magic circle would appear before Tororu and a large jet of flames would fire from the circle. the diameter of the cone of fire is two and a half feet wide and stretches out ten yards.


  • Nightmare Shadows: These beings are formed from darkness taking on a fuzzy humanoid shape. They have completely round heads and red unblinking eyes. They will either have a basic weapon such as a sword, ax, mace, etc., or bare fisted with sharp claws. They have basic level intelligence, so it isn't hard to out smart one, but they will seek out their target with extreme determination.


    Nightmare Form: This is the form that Tororu takes when the Nightmare Beast inside of him awakens. It will take over his body and make minor changes to it. While in this form, Tororu's strength, and speed are increased. He turns into a raging psychopath craving the destruction and chaos.


  • Name:áAkumuáTsumeá(Top) Akumu Naraku
  • Size: Great Swords. Each sword is larger than Tororu is in length, about 3 inches thick, and weight 50ibs each. Due to his connection to the nightmare beast who owns the blades, he can wield them as if they were normal length and weight.
  • The two swords can be linked by their handles to create a large double ended sword. The bond is strong and can't be broken easily by artificial means.

Tororu was only a small child when his powers started to manifest. His parents were concerned because the normally friendly and happy child was taking a very sinister change. He would stay in his room for days on end in the dark. He would talk to people that were not there. Things were starting to escalate when he started to destroy anything in the room around him. Then one day the day he couldn't forget happened.

Little Tororu sat in the middle of his living room when his parents walked in with a squad of guards escorting them. His mother was distraught crying and hanging on her husband. His father just stared at his son with cold eyes turning to the closest guard.

"Are you sure?" The guard asked looking to the boy playing on the floor.

"We are." His father said. Tororu was not as na´ve as they thought. He had overheard the plan that his parents and the guards were going to take him away. Why what did he do? He looked to his parents silently pleading for them to call off the guards, but even he knew that they were going to do nothing.

The voice in Tororu's head told him that he needed to fight or flee. He was frozen with fear as the guard approached. Tororu's eyes started to changed from brown to the one yellow, cat-like eye and his one bright blue eye. His body was covered in pure darkness with light blue markings on his body. The objects around the room started moving on their own attacking the guards.

The guards were caught off guard for a moment, but soon recovered destroying the objects that assaulted them. One of the guards cast a lightning spell hitting the boy in the chest. The boy extended his hand and fired the same attack back killing the guard. the others fallowed up with their own spells which Tororu took and reflected back. In the madness he hit his parents in the crossfire only realizing this once the dust had settled.

When more guards came as well as some towns people, they saw his eyes and fear gripped them. They were the eyes of destruction. The eyes of chaos. Before anyone else could make a move on him, Tororu fled out of a window fleeing his home world and traveling trying to live his life day to day.

No matter where he went, he was always ran off because of his eyes. He would manage to hid them for a while before a so called friend, or even an adult would see them and cause more panic or try to attack him. As he grew older, he stopped caring what other people said or thought of him. He would stay longer in places even if they made it clear they didn't want him there. He would pull pranks and cause mischief all over whatever town he lived in at the time. If they wanted their bringer of chaos, they had him.

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