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Penelope - - -
>The Heart's Guardian

> Female
> Human
> 17

[-] Atlantica
[-] Christmas Town
[-] Halloween Town
[-] Space Paranoids
[-] The Pridelands


    > Physical Appearance
    Standing at just five feet tall, Penelope weighs about 120lbs. She looks to be preteen, but may very well be an adult or close to one in terms of age. She has fair-pale skin and bright pink eyes. Her hair is about waist length with very wild, messy bangs framing her face while her hair looks to be worn down, but in a very thick braid held with a pastel pink frilled ribbon.
    As Sadie, Penelope's hair becomes a brighter, dark purple color and lengthens somewhat as its pulled out of its braid. Her bangs remain the same, though longer and tend to cover her eyes easily. Her eyes are the same shade of pink but are by far more intense.

    >Outfit or Armor Description
    Penelope wears an odd outfit, consisting of a very loose powder blue top with a frilled neck segment with a bright pink-purple bow and a long white segment in the center held with a white multi-piece belt with a purple piece in the center. At the top on the sleeve sides are pink cloth segments with ruffled white lining and a single white stripe on each piece. Her dress has small sleeves with button-clasp, making it look like a shirt pair of overalls. On each sleeve is a peach and white line, while the sleeves cuff buttons to the upper segment of sleeve, mostly to keep them from being too long. She also wears an uneven length white skirt piece that looks longer in back, and opened in the middle. Along with pink and white striped socks and pink bear shaped slippers. She looks dressed for bedtime, all the time.
    When transformed, she wears a black plug-suit type outfit with pink accessories. Consisting of a tank-top like bustier piece with very thin straps and button-like pieces with multiple holes in the center, a neck piece with a glowing line and pink line below it, small straps connecting to her bikini bottom piece, almost shoulder length gloves with multiple pink pieces, and long boot like parts connecting to the outfit by the outer piece. She also has on pink and black thin earrings.


    Penelope has a very gentle appearance, and does not seem to be a bad person or naughty. However, she is usually skipping out on her duties, if given the chance to go and have fun instead. Considering she is seen holding a doll of those she "likes", she may have a minor sadistic streak, as she can be seen stomping on the doll at random times. She values friendship, and takes it very seriously.
    In Penelope's "Goddess" form, affectionately named "Sadie" (a play on the word "Sadist") by a former "acquaintance", she actually retains her carefree voice, she becomes very sadistic and cold, causing trauma for everybody, friend or foe alike. Due to her extreme sadistic streak, people who know the consequences of angering Penelope try to avoid it at all costs. "Sadie" is the product of Penelope's anger and willingness to let the alter personality take over.

Combat and Ability Information

    > Elements
    As Penelope:
    Primary: Light
    Secondary: Lighting

    As Sadie:
    Primary: Darkness
    Secondary: Lightning

    > Weapons of Choice
    As Penelope:
    Freya: Her faithful and trusty doll is the only "weapon" she's ever had. Though it wouldn't look like it at first sight, Freya weighs a literal ton and only those with superhuman strength can lift it up. Penelope makes it look rather light, being able to throw it in the air as it weighted nothing.As

    Dark Desire: This wide-edged katana is black with pink accents is basically a hunk of designer metal more constructed for "punishment" than for punishment. Though when paired with an electrical current, it can do far more damage.
    Blessed Temptation: This black and pink, lance shaped sword is the more serious of her two weapons. Being able to connect and disconnect at several joints along the blade's edge, it an be turned into a whip whenever she wants.

    > Fighting Style]
    As Penelope: She doesn't really have a fighting style, and would normally transform into Sadie should she ever be in danger. However, if Penelope doesn't see herself in any eminent danger, she'll use Freya to smack around her opponent.

    As Sadie:Ruthless and taunting, Sadie takes pleasure in her opponent's pain and misery. As a matter of fact, she takes pleasure in anyone's pain and misery, be it friend or foe. She actually has a tendency to pay more attention to friend than foe and at times forgets that she even fighting anyone at all, enjoying being able to fluster and tease anyone. But that goes without saying that Sadie can be serious should the need arise.

    > Strengths
    As Penelope:Attack
    Magic Attack

    As Sadie:

    > Weaknesses
    As Penelope:

    As Sadie:
    Differentiating friend and foe

    > Abilities

      As Penelope:
      Heal: Heals a small amount of damage done to the surface of the body. I.E. Cuts, scraps, bruises
      Hyper Heal: A more powerful cure spell that heals deeper wounds. I.E. obscene gashes, broken bones
      Sharing is Caring: Through physical contact, this spell gives Penelope's stamina to the one being touched. Penelope's stamina will be reduced in equal amounts to what is being given.
      Fancy Rain!: Throwing Freya up as high as she can, Penelope attempts to have the doll land on her enemy and crush them.
      Boomerang!: Throwing Freya the doll at the enemy, it makes a roundabout path and returns to Penelope.
      Stress Release: Releasing pent up rage as she punches Freya, this raises Penelope's ATK stat and connection with the doll.
      Meanie Face: Throws the doll at the enemy's face, using an electric charge coursing through it.
      One With Dolls: The doll takes on a voodoo type existence, copying and mimicking Penelope's every move.

      As Sadie:
      Fighting Viper: Charging her blade with an electric current, Sadie attacks her enemies with a violent force.
      Fighting Viper V2: Charging her both her blades with an extremely intense electric current, Sadie attacks her enemies with and obscene force.
      Drive Stab: Bolting towards the enemy, she attempts to poke multiple holes in the enemy with an increased speed and accuracy.Verbal Abuse: Uses her words to try and demoralize the enemy. Successfully doing so will raise Sadie's sadistic drive, and as a result, ruthlessness.
      Meanie Face V2: Pretty much just punches the enemy in the face with an electric charged fist.
      T. Blade Kick: Backflip kicking the enemy and launching herself into the air, Sadie uses any electric currents in the air to charge her weapon and redirect the flow at the enemy.


    Living a life of rather bland existence in -insert elegant world name here-, Penelope worked part time at a "daycare" and helped the owner raise a handful of city's children. The daycare, created for selected orphans that were expected to grow into prominent figures of their society, was stationed in the Chapel of Insight, the city's most respected facility that was looked to as a sort of governing body. However, Penelope, being the airhead she was, had a hard time trying to preoccupy that many youngsters at once (there was only three) and they almost always ran off into the fields on the outskirts of the city to play.
    On one excursion to find the missing children, she came across ruins, the voices of the children echoing inside. Well... more like their screaming... Hobbling inside, she came face-to-face with the grumpy monster inside, trying to eat the stupid kids. Not knowing what to do, Penelope looked around the massive chamber and...ate her candy that was stashed away in her pockets found a rather large, glowing gem to throw at the beast. But as she drew back her arm to throw it, the gem began pulsating in her hand, fusing into her being. Thus her alter ego was born.Now easily able to destroy the creature, Penelope used new abilities as though she had known them since forever, slashing through her opponent with grace and style. However... the monster's "punishment" also traumatized the children beyond believe and they obediently followed her back to the Chapel of Insight without argument.
    Having reverted back into her original state, Penelope ventured back to the ruins a few weeks later to find a swirling blackness in the center of the chamber. Being the ditzy and not-really-caring person she was, dived in and was portaled to a whole different world. This world just happened to be Disney Town.


Forms and Transformations

    Goddess Transformation: Sadie
    Penelope's one and only transformation, it is activated via her will to transform. The catalyst is usually placing her friends or innocent people in danger, but will sometimes do it for kicks and giggles. She's never against transforming, and will do so if asked at any point in time believing that it makes her look "super cool". The change results in a very diverse personality and fighting ability.


Summons and Pets

    Literally a small blue slime ball equipped with ears, tail and a derpy face, this creature can divide and multiply on cue.Trained to "cuddle", it loves itself a small, warm place...typically under a person's clothing... Maybelle isn't very smart, and has the IQ of a small puppy, but she's loyal to Penelope and wishes nothing more than to make her smile.


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