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Name: Jazzston Noitpircsed
Age: 16
homeworldRadient Garden
Appearance: She has long hazel colored hair and brown eyes. She wears white gloves. she wears a blue gem necklace. She wears a pair of purple jeans with the top being black. she wears a blue jacket with two pink straps. On her back she wears a pink quiver for her arrows. She wears a white feather in her hair. (note i'm barely just scratching the surface for her full out fit see her image above ^)
hair colorhazel
eye colorbrown
Species: human
Personality:She is a very kind and sweet girl. She is willing to do anything for her friends. She likes to do nice things for people that she does not even know. She loves to help out with anything she can. If she sees someone getting hurt she will try to help that person. Whenever someone tries to repay her for stuff she has done for them she always turns the award down. She does not like to do things for others because of a reward she does it to give back to the people. She finds people that does things for rewards despicable and should be punished. She thinks that there is goodness in everyone. She always tries to do the right thing. She tries to always use kind words instead of hateful words. She tends to be very loyal to people and trust people fully. She does not like it when people take pity on her for just being a girl. She believes that she can fight just like any guy could. One way to make her mad is to tell her she is weak just for being a girl.
Abilities and Skills:

  • Magic Arrows:She is able to make arrows that are formed from magic and are capable of causing the same type of damage a arrow could cause. The arrows she creates give off light that when shot into the darkness that give off light.
  • Ice Bolt Projection:She is able to create and project bolts of ice. These bolts can be used to stun, freeze, and injure the foe.
  • freezing:She can reduce the kinetic energy of atoms meaning she can effectively make things colder, ranging from slightly chilly to levels of absolute zero. She can only make things could not turn them into ice unless if she freezes something to the point it becomes ice. High temperatures like fire, magma and heat can reduce this power.
  • Electrical Bolt Projection:She is able to create and project bolts of electricity. These bolts could be used to stun, burn, and even injure the foe.

weapons and equipmentShe carries a bow shown in her picture and also a pink quiver
History:As a child growing up she was always put down by her father for being a girl. As she grew older she began to train to try and convince him that she was strong. For all of her childhood she tried to impress her father. When she was 6 she learned archery but her father yet to be impressed. In Fact he actually tried to get her to stop doing archery but yet he had to finally ban her from archery. But that did not prevent her from sneaking out at night and practice archery with the person who trained her. When she was 11 her mother and father splitted up. She decided to live with her mother so she could practice archery without secret. When she was 14 her father murdered her mother for supporting there daughter. Jazzston looked for her father for two years to gain justice for her mothers death. When Jazzston finally found her father she decided to let him live. Jazzston decided to return to Radient gardens to live on her own.

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