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10.3.2017 - A mysterious light filled the Sea of Skies. Those who wielded great power and abilities found themselves back at square one, as if reset.

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Joseph had come to this town once again to find a man who was rumored  a capable trainer. Joe had never been 'Properly' trained and he like everyone else in this world wanted to become stronger. He was now walking in the direction of the marketplace to find a guy name...Jeremi.

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The sound of whirling steel, and metal cleaving stone greeted Joseph, and he would find a black and gold Keyblade buried in the masonry of the brickwork sidewalk below his feet. The weapon's owner stood above him, on the peaked roof of a townhouse.

"You're not exactly subtle, you know. Asking every Tom, Dick, and Stanley about me." He said, speaking to the young man standing before his Keyblade.

Clad in something a little less ostentatious today, Jeremi wore a simple pair of black jeans, a white, long-sleeved shirt, and a bronze-colored vest. ...He still wore his zori boots, though. Things were just comfortable.

"Although, I gotta say, with the way I've been keeping my head down, simply tracking me down to a single world is a monumental feat in and of itself."

Jumping down from the roof, years of practice kicked in, his body seeming to crumple into a heap as he landed, only for him to spring back up, unharmed by the mildly uncommon fall.

"You've managed to find the Bellicose Nobleman, kid. So, what is it you're after?"

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After saying how stealth is a viable component of assassinations...
[04:49:40] Serenae Spate : Fuck stealth. Shoot bitches.

Drakar wrote:We are blades of grass basking in light, our melody of justice shining hard on the darkness. Any shadow we cast we will overwhelm. Any darkness we fuel we will blind. We shall set our path with blood and honor, but not in evil, in justice. Our keys unlock the way of justice.

Zihark wrote:Shriou's Korean? I thought he was Asian.

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(Stola Opacare equipped)
(magic shoes equipped)

Joseph stood right in front of The guy he was looking for in a show of acrobatic feat Joseph would speak up. "Uhh well you see I came looking for a trainer. I have some basic skill ,But I just don't think I'm good enough yet and I need some coaching. I came to ask you if you would mind showing me the ropes?" Joseph notched an eyebrow up as if to wonder what the answer would be.Joseph looked down into the hole at the gold and black keyblade. He then backed up and summoned his own. " I guess we have something in common Jeremi." Referring to Two becomes One in his right hand, and Guardian Bell in his left. 

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