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10.3.2017 - A mysterious light filled the Sea of Skies. Those who wielded great power and abilities found themselves back at square one, as if reset.

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Post Count : 30
MAG : 5
Name: MH-AR (Mechanical Heartless - Assault Rider)
FP Cost: 5
Duration: 7 posts
Quantity: 1
Appearance: While it looks similar to the average Assault Rider, standing at 6 feet tall with its centaur body, this machine is entirely gray, looking to be made of steel and screwed together with nuts and bolts.  A spraypainted version of Chastelle's head (without the facial features) exists on its left butt cheek.
MP Pool: 100

      STR ---- 8
      CON ---- 8
      AGI ---- 5
      SYN ---- 3
      MAG ---- 1

Element(s): Metal, Thunder


Skill Name: Super Armor
Element(s): Metal
Duration: 1 Attack
Cooldown: 2 posts, starting from after the attack was performed.
Effects: When activated, MH-AR cannot flinch while attacking (including with Centaur Rush), and will continue its attack until it resolves.

Spell Name: Centaur Rush
Level: 1
MP Cost: 25
Element(s): Thunder
Range: Self
Description: MH-AR charges for at least 15 feet, cloaking himself in an electrical energy while charging at him.  Getting tackled directly does moderate physical Thunder damage, while any form of grazing does mild Thunder damage.

Synthesis Name: Mechanical Spear
Type: Spear
Quantity: 1
Durability: SYN 6
Element(s): Metal
Details: A gray metal spear, 4 ft. 9 in. long.

Centaur Slam: MH-AR can slam the ground with its spear, creating a thunderous burst within a 6 inch radius around the spear, dealing medium damage to those caught within.  3 post cooldown when 5 or more turns of duration are left, 2 posts when 3-4 turns of its duration are left, and 1 post when 2 or less turns are left.  Requires SYN 3 to use this ability.

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