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10.3.2017 - A mysterious light filled the Sea of Skies. Those who wielded great power and abilities found themselves back at square one, as if reset.

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Alma Taschner
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Alma Taschner was not much of a poet, nor was she awake at the time, so her ability to describe the event was limited. The most she got was, "Boom".

When the young Conjurer awoke, she was not in the shuttle she'd fallen asleep in. She was lying face-down in a firm floor of dirt, with the wind flowing freely around her and a great heat coming from somewhere behind. There was a crackling noise, and the air was thick, making it difficult to breathe. Her eyes opened, revealing that there was some sort of night-darkened forest around her, lit partially by an orange glow. Just like the heat, it came from behind her, and she understood what it was, but not why it was there. In an attempt to come to a kneel, she noticed a sharp pain in her leg which convinced her to remain on the ground.

A turn of the head, and she looked back to see the source of the fire. The shuttle she'd taken, a Gummi model designed for public use, was no more. Pieces of the discrete gray ship had burst apart and fragmented, now laying strewn about when they weren't sticking out from the side of what few trees were standing in the area. A large majority of what remained was situated at the opposite end of the scene, lodged in the dirt and set ablaze, generating great light and heat from what fuel had been in the engine.

Her leg begged her attention, and her eyes searched. There, a short distance away, a tree branch had struck the ground with such a force that it was now stuck, and pointed upward at a minor slant. She reached toward it with an open hand, repeating in a quiet, rushed voice, "Heal, heal!" After some coaxing it conceded, withering and curling tightly while its energies were taken elsewhere, drifting through the air as a long, bright wisp until it connected with the injured mage, granting all the energy she needed. The pain in her leg soon ceased, and though she remained sore, she was able to put it out of her mind, and let her arm rest against the ground as she considered her next step...

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