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A simple question that will probably get a simple answer, are the mentioning of worlds not yet included in the site limited to the ones that will and have appeared in the series not allowed? or could we mention worlds that have yet to exist in Kingdom Hearts but are properties of Square Enix and Disney respectively, an example for Square Enix would be Shibuya, from The World Ends With You, and has been mentioned in Dream Drop Distance, then some examples for Disney would be: Arendelle (Frozen), A Galaxy Far Far Away, or known as the Star Wars Galaxy (Star Wars), etc. while they probably won't be made as locations we can go to, could we mention them and the characters that inhabit such worlds, or even roleplay as some of them (an example would be Darth Vader or someone like Iron Man, Noctus, etc.)

Well that's my simple question, I shall patiently await an answer.

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you can mention worlds that are not seen in the franchise but the characters from those worlds are included, like Shibuya. Disney owned properties, such as star wars or marvel, that are not included at all in the games are not considered canon until they are.

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