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10.3.2017 - A mysterious light filled the Sea of Skies. Those who wielded great power and abilities found themselves back at square one, as if reset.

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The Great Maw. A vast expanse spanning as far as the eye could see, line of sight broken only in the distance by a seemingly long forgotten castle of an Elder of this land known as Ansem the Wise. A Castle that, years back, had played a key role in setting the worlds on their predestined paths. A Castle that, today, was completely irrelevant. Not much unlike the Nobody digging around the scattered remains of a crashed Gummi Ship in the Maw itself.

After what he could only assume was a good time drinking with Agnes in Agrabah, the Empty Steward of Castle Oblivion had remembered this ship. Not much of the circumstances of how he had acquired it, but crashing it here was familiar enough. Before he was the Steward of Castle Oblivion, before Onyx threatened the Universe, before Jeremi was slaughtered, before everything had changed.

He looked up from where he had bent over the seat, digging underneath the controls through empty bottles of alcohol, looking at the sky for a moment to remind himself of his failures. The memories played through his mind like a broken DVD, skipping around to the face of each and every citizen he had failed. The feeling of sobriety kicking in, his motionless face stared, playing it all back before forcing himself to disregard it. A breeze kicked his silver hair around from the open door behind him, bringing him back to his task at hand. He bent down, under the console again, to continue looking for his prize in all of this.

A damned bottle of Scotch. He knew he had left one in here, having drunk no more than a quarter. Just because he couldn't make the memories go away didn't mean he couldn't stifle them a while longer.

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