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10.3.2017 - A mysterious light filled the Sea of Skies. Those who wielded great power and abilities found themselves back at square one, as if reset.

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|| Stellaria || DJ Demigod ||

Female | Twenty-Seven | Human

Image Reference


She’s a relatively short girl, standing at a meager 5 feet. Weighing at just a little over 110lbs, she thinks that she really needs to put some weight on, even if it’s just some chub. Boys eat that shit up, don’t they? Donning short white hair that drops just below her ears, her right eye is always covered up by the stands which frame her face tightly. It gets itchy under the chin sometimes. The one eye that does show is an electric shade of green that seems to glow under blacklights. Having some porcelain skin and a curvy body despite being pretty thin, Stella is content with her toned build.

She wears simple clothing, but always black coupled with bright, neon colors. Her favorite choice is a red hoodie with a tactful orange inner lining that’s so oversized, it drops down far past her waist. Her favorite pair of basic looking, black headphones are accented with neon green. Barely visible beneath the hoodie, is a green on black, plaid and pleated skirt. Thigh-high socks hide the majority of her legs, while a robust pair of black boots reach up to her knees. These boots are fastened on with a set of three belts, and the soles, hidden partially by design, are a striking shade of neon green.


Rather monotonous type that walks around with her hands stuffed in her pockets, Stellaria is typically accused of being too apathetic. This includes everything. Her straight-faced demeanor isn’t entirely honest with how she truly feels on the inside. She enjoys a great deal of things, though music is the highlight of her joy. From a young age, Stella excelled at anything musical, which included composing short works. There was even a period of her life where she only answered to others with song titles or lyric lines. It’s safe to say that her family did not approve, and this habit was quickly struck down.

Stats and Elements

STR 2 || CON 7 || MAG 10 || AGI 8 || SYN 3

Light || Ice || Wind || Illusion

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