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10.3.2017 - A mysterious light filled the Sea of Skies. Those who wielded great power and abilities found themselves back at square one, as if reset.

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General Information

Name: Mila
     Aliases: Dr. Quinlan
Age: 29
Sex: Female
Species: Human(?)
Appearance: Mila appears as a fair-skinned woman with soft features. She seen almost always wearing her red-rimmed glasses and has purple eyes. Her hair comes down to the midway point of her back and is lavender in color. Clothing wise she enjoys wearing dresses that are modest in their designs, preferring not to show off too much skin and flats to finish off the outfit. When at working at her clinic, she wears a white doctor's coat over a white button-up, a pair of black slacks and white heels.

When in her "huntress mode," the sclera of her eyes turn a pitch black and her irises grow a crimson-red in color. During that mode she takes on a less composed stance and hunches over, showing a more crazed, feral appearance.

images for reference:

Personality: Mila is a very kind and gentle woman, normally taking in most clients without a second thought. Her motherly nature is easily appeased to when others plead for her assistance, often causing her skills to be taken advantage of, though, she is keenly aware of those sort of situations. Thanks to her intelligence and people skills, she's able to identify and adapt to a lot of situations that'd place her out of her comfort zone. It is also because of this intelligence that she uses a false name when involved with her practice.

When taken over by her predatory instincts, Mila grows sadistic and cruel. She "plays" with her "meals" by tossing them around and softening them up enough to crush any lingering wills of wanting to live. When they're at an ideal state of despair, she devours them without remorse no matter who it may be.


      STR ---- 8 How hard does your character hit?
      CON ---- 8 How many hits can your character take?
      AGI ---- 10 How fast is your character?
      SYN ---- 10 How skillful is your character at crafting items and weapons?
      MAG ---- 0 How adept at magic are you?

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