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General Information

Name: Oswald
     Aliases: Oswald the Lucky Rabbit

Age: 20

Sex: Male

Species: Rabbit, Lucky

Appearance: If you happen to look to the top, yeah, that's what he looks like
     Space Paranoids/The Grid: A helmet  on that travels halfway up his ears, it's covered with blue lines, his shorts now also have a blue lined display on them.
     Halloween Town: He has devil horns in front of his ears and two black wings on his back, his shorts are also faded.
     Christmas Town: Now dressed as an elf with a shirt that's green and he also wears a green hat with a bell on the end.
     Atlantica: Oswald is now what looks like a tiny, black shark with rabbit ears.
     Pride Lands: A meerkat with blue shorts on and rabbit ears.

Personality: Oswald has a constantly annoyed, "I can do it better," attitude towards others including those he;s friends with. He tries to act tougher than he really is, when he's protected by a closed door, or a gap between him and the one he's taunting. When he relaxes and is friends with someone he has a more chipper and friendly attitude, but will make faces behind their back. He will do almost anything for Ortensia, and will hold on to any memory of her now that she's gone again.

History: Oswald is the ruler of the Wasteland, a world for forgotten characters. He was the original cartoon character created by Walt Disney, but was forgotten and replaced by Mickey Mouse, after which he then had an unrivaled hatred towards Mickey. Since then, living in the Wasteland with his wife Ortensia. An anthropomorphic cat with a pink skirt and a pink hat, her hat has a flower coming out of it. Like Oswald, she has no shoes or gloves on. The two spent their days together eating ice cream, walking along Mean Street, and going on various rides. Then a tragedy struck, in the form of the Thinner disaster, which caused Ortensia to be frozen as a stone statue, Oswald was devastated, he tried and tried again, but couldn't find a way to revert her state. So he slipped into hiding at Mickeyjunk Mountain, silently viewing Wasteland's progress.

A few years later, Mickey Mouse came into the world, at first Oswald loathed him. After they both fought together to save the world from the Blot, however, a shower of paint rained across the Wasteland. Which released Ortensia from stone. Afterwards Oswald felt like brothers with Mickey! Mickey then left as the world celebrated the victory. Until a year later when he returned again to defeat the Mad Doctor, as he was called by Ortensia who was worried about Oswald. It was at this point Oswald learned how to use his remote, his leg boomerang, and his ability to hover. Afterwards, Oswald, wanting to see new worlds, got his wish as Wasteland was being destroyed. So Mickey saved Oswald and took him to Twilight town, but he missed his wife Ortensia.


      STR ---- 1
      CON ---- 1
      AGI ---- 2
      SYN ---- 0
      MAG ---- 1

Elements: Thunder

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*Shouting with a shaky puberty filled voice*

Hey guys, this still needs to be reviewed

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Oswald needs to be from a different reality if you want to include Mickey in your history.

You can also assign any amount of stat points if you want to, though no stat can exceed 10.

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