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10.3.2017 - A mysterious light filled the Sea of Skies. Those who wielded great power and abilities found themselves back at square one, as if reset.

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Keeper of the Abbey
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Name: Killing Raiment
Type: Three-piece suit; elegant
Quantity: 1
Durability: 6
Element(s): Gravity, Water
Details Monte's elegant suit.

10. Spoils of Gilgamesh - The user can summon/de-summon any of their tethered items from an opening in the suit, such as a sleeve or pocket. Cooldown: 1 post.

10. Permafrost Pyre - Upon contact, one-inch-thick ice as durable as the item itself travels around the subject touched, able to completely encase anything as large as a Darkside and only a proportionate amount of larger subjects. The ice lasts for three posts before melting harmlessly. Cooldown: 2 posts.

10. Pressure System - The item temporarily becomes immune to Water for two posts. Cooldown: 6 posts.

10. Graviton Network - The item temporarily becomes immune to Gravity for two posts. Cooldown: 6 posts.

10. Battle-Ready-Armor - The suit passively restores the wearer, granting 5% of their maximum health each post.

10. Molding - The suit may sharpen, bend, or otherwise change shape via manipulation of the user. This manipulation takes an action. It can be manipulated into any form at the limitation of its own dimensions and durability, and at a range within 10 meters of the user.


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Conflicted on permafrost, as you could technically re-use it on them before it ends so i'm going to have to say raise the CD to 4.

There is a healing limit of 25% on non-potion meta items. Which means Battle-Ready-Armor cannot be passive and must adhere to these rules.

Otherwise everything looks fine.

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