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10.3.2017 - A mysterious light filled the Sea of Skies. Those who wielded great power and abilities found themselves back at square one, as if reset.

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Post Count : 37
MAG : 8
Name: Magma Field

Lvl. 1 Effect
MP Cost: 20MP
Element(s):Fire, Earth
Range: 10yd radius
Description: Agnes can melt the surrounding ground with searing hot flames and turn the area into a pit of molten lava. This causes those standing within Magma Field to receive a low moderate amount of damage for every post they remain on the affected zone.
Duration: 5 Posts
Cool Down: 4 posts

Lvl. 2 Effect
MP Cost: 30
Element(s): Fire, Earth
Range: 15yd radius
Description: While standing within Magma Field, the synthesis items of Agnes’ opponents are dealt a high moderate amount of damage per post they remain in the affected zone.
Duration: 6 Posts
Cool Down: 4 posts

Lvl. 3 Effect
MP Cost: 40
Element(s): Fire, Earth
Range: 20yd radius
Description: Magma Field now rains down suffocating ash. This ash, while naturally making visibility and breathing difficult, makes one feel sluggish. Cool-downs are thusly doubled. CD’s cannot exceed 10 posts.
Duration: 7 Posts
Cool Down: 4 posts

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Post Count : 166
I'm going to ignored the 3rd level as you only have MAG 6.

For Level 1, you are only spending 20 MP so you may only deal low-moderate damage as per the stat conversion. Also, if it's going to deal damage continually, I would like a duration to be added.

For Level 2, unless you prefer to go with resistance-debuffing, I'd actually recommend using the magma as a means to deal damage to synthesis due to its properties. Also, don't forget that the aspects of the previous level are stronger in the next. I.e. 25 MP = Moderate damage and the duration can be slightly longer.

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Post Count : 37
MAG : 8
Lvl 1
Damage has been modified to fit the MP cost.
A duration and cool down has been added to all three levels of this spell.

Lvl 2
I bumped up the cost a tidbit to add a bit to the damage output. The suggestion was much appreciated.

Lvl 3
Might I request that it is reviewed, as to avoid having to bump this thread at a later date when it can be used. I'm aware that I won't be able to use it until the proper level has been reached.

Agnes Eldr’Brandt
(The Fire Elemental’s Character Sheet)
Character Level 6 || Magic Pool 200 || Focus Points 10
STR ---- 8 || CON ---- 6  || AGI ---- 5  || SYN ---- 3 || MAG ---- 8
Fire || Earth || Aero || Metal || Thunder

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Post Count : 166
Spells cannot have cooldowns.

Don't forget to add that opponents are dealt more damage too, it just says synthesis for the level 2.

Uh for the Cooldown-increase, I like the dynamic. However, for 40 MP, doubling cooldowns seems a bit much and even if it was, it seems to be much less viable against cooldowns of 6-10. I feel like adding a static amount onto cooldowns of your opponents might be more clear and fair. I'd say like adding 2-3 posts onto cooldowns.

As for the visibility and breathing thing, just so you know unless you want it to be an official effect people can ignore this. I imagine the sluggishness ONLY applies to increasing cooldowns?

Also your level 3 does not indicate the increases to the past levels' effects. Remember, damage and effects enhance the higher the level of the spell.

Just for the sake of clarity, please add a range to each level of the spell.

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