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10.3.2017 - A mysterious light filled the Sea of Skies. Those who wielded great power and abilities found themselves back at square one, as if reset.

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MAG : 1
General Information

Name: Roxas
     Aliases: Destroyer of Destiny & Fate
Age: 15 years old
Sex: Male
Species: Nobody
Appearance: He has fair skin, spikey blonde hair, icy/electric blue eyes that seem to both shock & freeze any who see them, and a black sleeveless shirt, grey pants, a red collared, black & white checkered short sleeved vest, and red & black steel-toed shoes. To finish it off, he has a gold & platinum checkered hooded trench coat.
     Space Paranoids/The Grid: He looks the same
     Halloween Town: He looks the same
     Christmas Town: He looks the same
     Atlantica: Upper Body- same, lower body- merman's tail
     Pride Lands: Adult Male Lion with spikey gold mane
Personality: Curious about everything. Willing to help people in need. Likes ice cream. Dislikes outside influence. Friendship is important.


      STR ---- 1
      CON ---- 1
      AGI ---- 1
      SYN ---- 1
      MAG ---- 1

Elements: Light T2, Darkness T2 & Nothingness T2list

History and Legacy

History: When Sora was temporarily turned into a Heartless, Roxas, his Nobody, was born. He joined Organization XIII because he had nowhere to go. Before Day 357, he learned to open treasure chests, Befriended Axel & Xion, and learned skills like Limit Break/Final Limit, stealth, investigation, magic, and combat. On Day 357, when Xion was destroyed, Roxas anchored her individual memories to himself, so no one forgot her. Now, having unlocked his Dual Keyblades, he is about to make a trip to The World That Never Was......

If you are legacy character, please include the below in your template. For more information on legacy characters, refer to this topic.
     Username: What was your old account?
     Word Count: How many words are you allocating to this character?

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