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10.3.2017 - A mysterious light filled the Sea of Skies. Those who wielded great power and abilities found themselves back at square one, as if reset.

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Scientist's Forte

Trinity Skill
Name: Dual-Summon
Effects: Allows two summons to be called forth to defend you in one action.
Element(s): N/A
Duration: N/A
Cooldown: 3 posts.

Skill Lvl. 1
Name: Of Plans and Blueprints
Effects: Chastelle is able to get an immediate visual surrounding of the area, knowing all of its non-hidden ins and outs, and is able to immediately notice any changes within the vicinity.
Element(s): N/A
Duration: N/A
Cooldown: N/A

Skill Lvl. 2
Name: Magnet Grasp
Effects: Chastelle's Synth items not in her current possession will begin slowly moving towards her (about 5MPH), dragging along the ground and climbing up walls if needed.
Element(s): Thunder/Metal
Duration: Varies, the object becomes unaffected when within 6 inches of Chastelle.
Cooldown: 4 posts

Skill Lvl. 3
Name: Built with Fortitude
Effects: Chastelle's Summons are immune to poison effects, cannot be forcibly dismissed, and are resistant to Thunder and Metal attacks.
Element(s): Metal
Duration: N/A
Cooldown: N/A

Skill Lvl. 4
Name: Ghost Step
Effects: Chastelle leaves a hologram behind as she moves.  The hologram stays still for about 5 seconds before either going off in a straight line, or mimicking Chastelle's movements.  The hologram is extremely accurate to how Chastelle normally looks, but cannot make noise, and is very slightly fainter than the actual Chastelle
Element(s): Illusion
Duration: Until the hologram makes contact with something, or two posts.
Cooldown: 5 posts

Skill Lvl. 5
Name: Technobabble
Effects: Chastelle can change her voice to sound like any voice she has heard before a la voice changer underneath her hoodie, and can even translate it into other languages (she still won't understand said languages).
Element(s): Illusion/Metal
Duration: N/A (Dismissable, and can be changed to a different voice while active, but not within the same post)
Cooldown: 1 post

Skill Lvl. 6
Name: Shock Absorber
Effects: Chastelle can transfer any phsyical damage she would take to all of her existing Summons, treating the damage as magic Thunder damage.  When Shock Absorber is active, Chastelle has a light-blue glow of her own.
Element(s): Thunder/Metal
Duration: 3 Posts, but is dismissable.
Cooldown: 3 Posts after Shock Absorber stops being active

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Skill 1: I'd say be more detailed. I suggest looking at Monte's similar skill for a better example.

Skill 3: Immunities are not allowed, both to poison and dispelling.

Skill 4: This is a bit underpowered imo, you could decrease the cool down or increase the duration if you want.

Skill 5: This is way too weak. You could do this with passive magic or synth without taking up a slot.

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