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A Synthesis is an item that can be a weapon, a piece of armor, or another accessory. A synthesis may be imbued with a supernatural ability, although it is not limited to just one. These abilities do not use, while comparable to, magic.

You can still create/have basic weapons/armor (regular swords) even with SYN 0. The durability of these will regular metals.

Synthesis and Magic stats cannot be buffed/debuffed, only the potency of their abilities,

As for the abilities and durability, durability simply means how durable the item is (i.e. an item has a durability of 3). Typically, the durability matches the SYN stat and is relative to other stats. For example, a SYN 10 weapon is more durable than a SYN 9 weapon, and twice as durable as a SYN 5 weapon. A SYN 10 weapon can potentially be broken by a STR 10 person or a MAG 10-level spell.

At SYN 1, the durability is equivalent to that of a normal metal. At SYN 10, it is equivalent to Orichalcum, which is harder than diamond.

A possible Synthesis ability is to summon/desummon it, similar to how a Keyblade is called forth.

A Synthesis created may have abilities that require a certain amount of stat points in the Synthesis stat in order for that ability to be used. The SYN stat requirement should be specified with your ability.

A synthesis can heal your health or replenish your MP.

You can synthesize a gun, however it cannot use real bullets, instead using energy (similar to Xigbar).

Guns need to specify ammo per post, speed of energy bullets, and the damage that they deal. These improve relative to your SYN stat.

A synthesis ability can negate a spell based on the amount of MP.

A SYN 1 ability is equivalent to a 25MP spell, with an increase in 25MP per additional stat point invested into the SYN stat. At max, a SYN 10 ability can only be as powerful as a 250MP spell or a skill.

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