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10.3.2017 - A mysterious light filled the Sea of Skies. Those who wielded great power and abilities found themselves back at square one, as if reset.

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General Rules:


Godmodding - the act of your character doing something impossible, limitless, and just plain unfair - is not allowed on this site.  This includes using something you shouldn't have or bending an RP topic to your will without resistance.

  • Autohitting: Autohitting is when a person decides that their attack hits without input from other people in the topic.  Autohitting does not just apply to attacks; any event where one character controls another character's actions without permission falls under this as well.

  • Metagaming: Metagaming is when a character suddenly has knowledge that they have no possible way of knowing.  This can range from knowing another character's personal information before being told to secret underground events.

  • Powerplaying: Powerplaying is when a character ignores, blocks, or dodges any form of damage directed towards them.  While dodging and blocking attacks is normal, overexcessive use falls under powerplaying.


  • We do not allow flaming other members.  Flaming is insulting other members during an argument.  No one wants to deal with it.  If you feel the need to flame someone, leave it to PMs.  Likewise, if you have problems with someone flaming you, report it to the staff.

  • Spamming is not allowed on this site.  This includes posting unnecessary posts in RP or serious topics, or posting multiple times in a row instead of editing your previous post (known as double posting).  Repeated offenses will be punished.

  • While swearing is allowed on the site, an excessive amount of swearing is not allowed.

  • Inappropriate content is not allowed.  This includes sexual images or images depicting gore or drugs.  RPing sex scenes is also unwanted.

  • While we don't demand a posting order, it is considered courteous to wait until everyone else in the topic has posted before going again.

  • Do not join in private topics unless invited.  Private topics are dictated by having (Private), (Closed), or (character name) in the title topic.  These topics are for uninterrupted events between certain characters.

  • Only one account per character.

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