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10.3.2017 - A mysterious light filled the Sea of Skies. Those who wielded great power and abilities found themselves back at square one, as if reset.

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Name: Kasturi Firaz

Age: 30

A man of rather tall and lean stature, with graying brown hair, tanned skin and silver eyes. Occasionally wears reading glasses. Dons a tattered gray cloak, over black light armor of steel and cloth. A feather charm hangs from the side pocket.  

Sex: Male

Species: Nobody

Personality: In past life he was an adventurous explorer of ruins and scholar of magical arts. Friendly, flighty, yet fiery tempered with a steel will. Kasturi later grew cynical and vengeful following the events in his short life. Now that he is a Nobody, he wears his past personality like a mask. Once thought dead, he appeared from the Realm of Darkness years later to once again walk the realm as the Traveler. Together is a mission to take control of Kingdom Hearts.

Abilities and Skills:

~Field of Silence ~
Kasturi seeps out vengence from within him, saturating the ground beneath with Nothingness that spreads 50 feet in all direction. Portals appear that bring forth Nobodies from the Twilight Realm.

~Finis Edge ~
A thin blade of void forms around the appendage or weapon of choice. It extends by 3 feet, has the strength of steel, and properties of  Nothingness.

~Claustra ~
Arcane chains of gray light binds the target to the ground, also forming a dome shaped cage enclosing its victim. It has the strength of steel and can last a long time. Only one such enchantment can be used at a time.

Shards of gray light floats high above the summoner, and streaks down to strike at foes. 5 shards can be summoned per turn, with one cooldown turn after release. Can be accumulated in turns. Strength and speed is equal to steel arrows.

Weapons and Equipment:

  • Name: Book of Journey

    Type of Weapon: Grimoire/Magical Artifact

    Primary/Secondary: Second

    Elemental Alignment: Wind

    Ability/Function: An enchanted book that contains powerful magical runes. It draws mana from its user into conduits that powers the runes, and execute pre-programmed spells:
    Rune of Diplomacy: warps sounds travelling through air translating it to different languanges.
    Rune of Direction: sends a pulse through air that transmit back, and draws a crude map of the 300ft vicinity on the book pages.
    Rune of Trade: roughly appraise an object's magical quality by measuring the warping of mana in the air around it.
    Rune of Wild Beast: Calls forth a bullet of wind vortex that shoots forth, and propels its' target several feet off the ground.
    Rune of Recall: Allows the user to view back his or her memories written in the journal pages. Occasionally may glitch to show memories of related persons.

    Close/long range: Close


    History: Found in an oasis of light, precariously hidden in one of the corners of the Realm of Darkness. A surviving artifact of its advanced world that was broken and consumed by the void.

Supplementary Battle System Attributes:
Strength || Average
Constitution || Average
M. Affinity || Average
M. Resistance || Average
Dexterity || Average
Speed || Average
Stamina || Above Average



Mp : 70 -------   Elementalist of  Nothingness, Wind and Metal   
The Traveler, Alchemist of Magic.Visit Workshop
:study: my profile   -  Old Profile   -  Kasturi Theme (just for fun)

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