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10.3.2017 - A mysterious light filled the Sea of Skies. Those who wielded great power and abilities found themselves back at square one, as if reset.

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Kamchatka Fritil

Nightmare Spirit

Gaseous Darkness
Glinting Eyes
of Cold Azure in the night.

It prowls for man
of  Darkened Hearts
and Weakened Minds
to whisper nightmares
and drive them blind

Morning sun too gross of light
It takes refuge in its begotten shade
Like mirage to humanly sight
It appears and fades

Shape-shifting Shadow
In semblance of man
Pale skin
Familiar face
Smiling facade

No name
he says
sweet voice without vice
Take my hand
he pleads
his footsteps burns of shadows and ice

Let me be your friend


Species of Unique Spirits that can appear outside the Dream World.
It is tied to a master, who serves its lifeforce, and bounding chain that limits its powers.
As it grows active, the chain to its master gets weaker, and its power gets stronger.

The spirit have aura that the deprave and exacerbate the Darkness in hearts of those around them.
Effects depends on the person.

Able to possess weak minded non-canon non-important NPCs.

Shape shifts into a pale faced yellow eyed adolescent male.

Elemental powers are Darkness and Ice.  

Armed with Ethereal Claws that covers the fingers of four limbs with piercing sharp Darkness.

Imbued with Frozen Hide that freezes scales at site of injury.

Strength || Six6
Constitution || Six6
M. Affinity || Seven7
(+2 Darkness)
M. Resistance || Five5
(-2 Light)
Dexterity || Five5
Speed || Seven7
Stamina || Six6

So long as you sleep...      ........... ..
..  .................    ...I can be free.


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