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11.1.2017 - Kingdom Hearts RP is now closed. We'd like to thank everyone who invested time on the site for contributing to a wonderful experience which lasted for many years. All stories must eventually end, but while this may seem bittersweet, it can't be stressed enough what a pleasure it was to create and share them with you all. Goodbye everyone.

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Below are ready to use templates for the items and abilities your character will make use of while role playing, these have been provided to give focus to what someone else might look for when reading an ability, and to assist the writer organize their thoughts for others.  Each template will come with an elaboration of it's use and information to assist in each of its sections, enjoy.
Weapon Template:  For those implements you intend to use to defend yourself in a more aggressive manner such as swords, keyblades, etc. especially when you intend for them to have special qualities.

Weapon Template:
Name: (What is the name of the weapon?)

Type of Weapon: (What type of weapon is it? A keyblade? A Sword? A gun?)

Elemental Alignment: (What element(s) is the weapon aligned to? If it has no effect reliant on an element, you can exclude this section; elements can be found here.)

Ability/Function: (Does your weapon have a certain ability? What does you weapon do? If it has no special ability or function you may exclude this section)

Description: (Describe what your weapon looks like. *Picture applicable*)

History: (What is the history of the weapon? How did you obtain it? I'll get the popcorn.)
Armor Template: For items you intend to use to protect yourself with such as leather jackets, full plate mail, futuristic grid armor, trinkets such as rings, brooches, cloaks and the like.

Armor Template:
Name: (What is the name of the armor?)

Elemental Alignment: (What element(s) is the armor aligned to? If it has no effect reliant on an element, you can exclude this section; elements can be found here.)

Ability/Function: (Does your armor have any special abilities?)

Protection: (How does your armor protect you? What does it guard against?)

Description: (Describe what your armor looks like. (*Picture applicable*)

History: (What is the history of the armor? How did you obtain it?)
Spell/Technique Template: For those awesome feats of magic many would like to make use of in their personal journey as well as specialized techniques.  These abilities are often akin to flexing ones magically muscles as opposed to the more passive nature of a enchantment more akin to a body at rest.

Spell/Technique Template:
Name: (Name of the spell or technique.)

Element(s): (What element(s) are used with this spell or technique? Elements can be found here.)

Effect: (What does the spell or technique do? Does it have a range or area? Does the spell or technique have a duration or stages it goes through?)

History: (What is the history of how this spell or technique came to be, how did you obtain it?)
Summon Template: Calling others to your aide often in the form of magical creatures, beasts of burden, and even heartless or nobodies in some cases.  This can also call other things to your aide such as objects, materials, and potentially other people you may know.

Summon Template:
Name: (What is the summon called?)

Quantity: (How many items, people, or creatures are you summoning?)

Element: (What element(s) is the summon aligned to? ;Elements can be found here.)

Description: (What does the summon look like? *picture applicable*)

Capabilities: (What can the summoned object(s), creature(s) or person(s) do?)

History: (How did you get the summoned object(s), creature(s) or person(s)? What has/have the summon(s) done? How are you and the summon related?)
Enchantment Template: Enchantments are often passive or semi passive abilities that are more subtle than spells or techniques opting to usually supplement the character using them to exceed their normal abilities, increases their chances in given situations, or provide more readily available options they would otherwise not posses.

Enchantment Template:
Name: (What is the enchantment called?)

Element: (What element(s) is the enchantment aligned to?; elements can be found here.)

Effects: (What does the enchantment do?)

History: (How did you obtain the enchantment? What has the enchantment done?)
Form/Transformation Template: Characters in kingdom hearts at times can exhibit transformations indicating noticeable alterations to themselves exceeding minor or simple aesthetic changes allowing someone to become a living vessel able to transverse the sea of stars as an extreme or simply allow someone increased physical or magical capabilities.

Form/Transformation Template:
Name: (What do you call it?)

Element- (What element(s) is the form most aligned to?; elements can be found here.)

Duration: (How long does it last? What ends it?)

Drawbacks: (Poor side effects of taking this form?)

Advantages: (Benefits from taking this form?)

Description: (What happens to your character physically when you go into the form?)

History: (Tell the back story of the form. How did you acquire it?)

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