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Name: Kyo Calardir

Gender: Male

Alignment: Lawful-Neutral

Kyo wears hightop, a baseball cap, cargo shorts, and a blue hoodie. His hair is as dark brownish color, that is a medium length and his bang are normally swept to the right under both his hat. His height reaches 5'8 and his weight is just under 150 pounds. Around the boys neck he keeps hidden a necklace; in the middle of it is a ring; a basic heirloom he inherited from his grandfather.

Age: 16

Level 0
STR || 0
END || 0
MAG || 0
RES || 0
DEX || 0
SPE || 0
STA || 0

Kyo is a normal teenager currently, he doesn't even know basic combat outside school fights. Even though he severely lacks combat in particular, he does have a knife for protection and carries it with him wherever he goes. It isn't summonable; he just seems to hold onto it.

Kyo is a native of Twilight Town, he never had a father, but it never bothered him as far as people noticed. Instead the young man lived with his mom and grandfather, occationally Kyo finds himself participating in local odd jobs and other things. Kyo had virtually the most basic of life until one strange day he swore he saw a boy fighting white monsters. They didn't look very human, and after following the boy to an odd mansion he ran home to tell his mother. She didn't believe it, so he just forgot about the whole fiasco... But recently strange people have been showing up around town... What does this all mean? Kyo has made his personal mission to find out why all these strange things are happening in his home town..... Are they connected to the seven wonders? Guess he'll just have to figure it out for himself.

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