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11.1.2017 - Kingdom Hearts RP is now closed. We'd like to thank everyone who invested time on the site for contributing to a wonderful experience which lasted for many years. All stories must eventually end, but while this may seem bittersweet, it can't be stressed enough what a pleasure it was to create and share them with you all. Goodbye everyone.

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'A' - Hollrage

Male | 45 | Undead Hume

Necromancer |M| | Gravitus |E| | Enchanter |E| | Entropist |A|

Str: 1 [+5 via Magical Transference]
Con: 8
Aff: 10 [-8 via Magical Transference]
Res: 8
Dex: 6
Spd: 3 [+3 via Magical Transference]
Sta: 6


Heart: Darkness




Hollrage hails from another universe, the possibility to hail from many different universes as his shadow transcends him, a being that runs the possibility that it is an all-consuming being, all-powerful but while Hollrage can touch, destroy, create, the shadow can only interact with him, granting the ability to travel through reincarnation, unable to walk backwards in the universes and ending up a form of something mystical within another universe, bound by their magic. Hollrage is a being made from his own death, his shadow being torn from him by his own fate, eventually having his soul, memory, and heart torn into another universe and allowing a body to manifest akin to the universe’s preset, mutual details. His death brought him into the universe of fragments, the dominion of Kingdom Hearts, and it was only due to the insignificance of him translating to the deity-like status the shadow takes. Even with all the power the shadow has, it can only use it in minor ways and grant Hollrage great magical capabilities, but with the sacrifice through a ritual called “Inner Transference”.

In order to obtain great power, in Hollrage’s eyes, he must default to “Physical Transference” which allows him to sacrifice physical aspects to grant him magical potency. This is the very reason he died, which was due to the necromantic sacrifice at altar, pledging to the Shadow God Nyx, the very reason his shadow is such a god-like entity. Whatever insignificance Hollrage has as a single-universe-bound being he has, it grants the shadow the potency of existing in all universes simultaneously, pieced into everyone’s shadow, but the shadow that is in the same universe as Hollrage it gives him its full attention and connection. The possibility to exist in only one universe is countered by the possibility to exist in many simultaneously, allowing the shadow to transfer Hollrage across universes, but only upon death. While reincarnation allows for renewal, Hollrage, cannot remain within a universe and does not follow time in a linear way when traveling, bouncing between times. Reincarnation is also limited to 9 times before it just becomes revival, which is also limited to 30 times before being completely erased.

Hollrage is often referred to as the Zombie Mage, as he began his stay in this universe within Halloween Town, using his necromantic powers to feed on newcomers and grant himself the look of living. While he has no eyes and no mouth, he has developed the ability to see via magic and to speak via summoning sound from magical sources. Hollrage plans on building an undead army, as well as possibly possessing the masses and eventually build a temple for his sacrifice, hopefully granting his next life a great power, otherwise he’ll reincarnate into someone weak.

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Necromancy - Mastery


Hollrage is a master of necromancy, able to affect the lives of the living and the lack of for the dead, such as branding living or undead with his essence to gain dominance over them, raising the dead, aging the living severely, and other assorted tricks. Most notably, the ability to transmute living things into replacement for a soul's body, if they are missing parts. Branding only works if the person slips up with their will, meaning through the art of pain and influence, they must actually give in for it to work. Raising the dead temporarily requires little to no sacrifice, but complete revival or prolonged raising requires a sufficient sacrifice, the former requiring a contract to Hollrage from someone to act as his minion or their soul binding to his body or even a blood sacrifice. If someone binds to him, they forfeit their ability to revive until they are released as well as forfeiting their consciousness, but it is a condition agreed upon before hand.

Hollrage is undead himself, but has the ability to conduct life force through his body, revitalizing the cells and making them have color momentarily, but it can either be transferred to something else or transmuted into a source of power. For example, if Hollrage used a spell to suck the life out of a surrounding area's vegetation, he can use it to power a spell. When conducting life-force through his body, there is a bio-luminescence to his flesh. A note about NPCs, if a topic dictates he cannot control specific NPCs, he can't.

Spellwork: Brand Tan [Firebrand]

This is a form of branding that seers the flesh of the opponent Hollrage tries to dominate, leaving an imprint of his hand on wherever he touched. He attempts to take control of their mind, intruding it with the necromantic forces. Npcs that have at least 7 less reisstance than his affinity are easily controlled, a difference of 4 causing the requirement of a post of branding, scarring them and injuring them. PCs are more easily effected as the difference grows, but it is up to them how it works. This can utilized with other spells for various effects. Undead require half the difference to control, rounding up to the nearest one.

Spellwork: Ardal Reoli [Command - 3 post cooldown]

Ardal Reoli is an AoE version of brand tan, but only works on much weaker enemies. If it affects PCs they can resist it more easily. NPCs of at least 13 in difference are placed under command, up to four people. At at least a 8 difference they can resist but they are still controlled by Ardal Reoli.

Spellwork: Ffoniwch Wraith Yn [Wraith's Call - 3 post cooldown]

When there is a soul bound to Hollrage, he summons it to the surface and it become a wraith, capable of growing and becoming more powerful but starting off weak. This wraith can detach and re-attach without control being lost or connection, allowing it to travel over 25 meters away from the Necromancer. The Wraith summoned from his body can also be commanded to try and possess weaker entities (only NPC) and either consume their soul for power or brand them. At most, Hollrage can have three wraiths out via this spell.

Spellwork: Bywyd Difa [Life Devour]

This spell allows Hollrage to suck the life force from nature, killing thing such as tries and other assorted things in order to restore himself and his stamina, acting as a passive trait within his body. He can use this magic to fuel other spells especially due to its ability to channel the life force, essentially acting as a steroid for them. The more life he saps, the more he can heal himself but the gain in stamina is low and requires a massive amount of nature to be killed off in order for him to recover a significant amount of stamina.

Alw: Anghenfil [Summon: Monster - 2 Limit, 3 post cooldown per summon]

Hollrage summons an undead being to fight for him, which may even be the memories of the Imagined and the Feared. He has three monsters to choose from, Ewinedd, Brathu, or Slaes. Ewinedd is fast and agile, using the spikes on its back to pluck at others like blades. Brathu is strong but fast, without much agility. Both are blind, but rely on smell and sound to lead them. Brathu uses its hands to stab its foes, impaling them with great might. Slaes is like a knight, well-rounded but mighty in its own respects. They all last until they are slain, but they can only be permanently killed by holy or unholy magic. Hollrage may even find other monsters to summon to do his bidding, but these are the three currently connected.

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Gravitus - Expertise

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Enchantry - Expertise

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Entropy - Adept

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Sacrificial Knife

This is as the name describes it, purposed for his rituals of magi that require the blood of his own or of another. It is a simple, ebony-colored knife that is straight in shape with little cross-guard.


Dormant in the form of a charm able to be placed on a string, the charm is that of a silver ring engraved with indigo to form a circle and ruby to form a scythe. When imbued with mana, the charm morphs into a scythe with a five-foot long handle. The scythe itself has a blade enchanted to change its proportion at the will of the wielder. The blade is double-edged as well, the whole scythe being a pendulum-optimized weapon.



[i]This is a ring worn to allow Hollrage to rip sound from the area, causing fifty meters around him to experience no sound wave traffick at all. Essentially, this silences any and all speech in appearance...but the truth is it isn't as absolute as it seems. For one, it does not affect sound influenced/produced by magic and two, it forces sound waves of natural descent to absorb into a focus within the ring's gem, allowing Hollrage to create a shockwave from the collected sound. This magic is not of his own creation, purely an item enchanted with the ability. The scythe he wields may connect to the ring and send shockwaves, taking bits and bits of the collected sound at a time.

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