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|| Name || Rai ||

|| Alias || Onyx ||

|| Age || 20 ||

|| Sex || Male ||

|| Species || Amaran ||


STR || 6
CON || 4
AFF || 5
RES || 4
DEX || 7
SPE || 8
STA || 8

|| Personality||
A boy who believes in justice and that nothing alive should be tainted by sin. Within his eyes all are worthy of the light of justice so long as they walk the correct path.

|| Appearance ||


Although the boy is young, he looks as though he is older with the impression his body gives. Though he is skinny, you can see that he's muscular and is much stronger then what one would think at first glance. Some of the time he will wear t-shirts, but most of the time when in public, he will not. Whenever he's not wearing a shirt, it can be easily seen that the boy does actually have muscles. Perhaps the fact that he has been moving around almost all of his early life is why he has a well toned body.  On rare occasions, he will be seen with a large red satchel bag strapped to him, what's in the bag however still contains to be a mystery.

He dons hair black as night, with the sides of his head shaved. At the top of his head, a Mohawk forms, tapering off into a point at the nape of his neck. Settling for something simple, he wears black finger-less gloves, and a fitted, white tank top with faded black jeans. There are two holsters for his swords are strapped to his back. On his feet are boots, dark black with white lacing. Over top all of this, he has a black, hooded leather jacket with red interior linings and has a flag sewn on the left arm.



The Messiah
When not in use, the blade is merely a handle. However, when willed, the entire blade appears instantaneously. When the blade appears, it is a total of six feet and can be very heavy.

Until it is willed, the blade is only in the form of a hilt that will usually be strapped to a holster on his back. When the blade appears, it is a total of six feet, handle included, and is heavy. The appearance is instantaneous.

When the blade is not being used, it is merely a handle that's usually strapped to a holster. When the blade is willed to life, it is six feet long and very heavy. The appearance is instantaneous.

The Twelve Apostales
Kept in a pouch on his left side, there are a total of twelve.


Burning Rose
Capable of firing twelve rounds of heavy bullets at a time. Firing at long-range, it is incredibly easy to dodge, whereas the opposite is true for close-range, where it is incredibly difficult. Each round is able to ignite upon impact.



I'm a Lava Man
Allows elemental manipulation, spawing massive amounts of the elements, and control over the Earth, Fire, and Lightning. Potency is up to the user's magical affinity combined with the user's overall strength. Allows the user's body, clothes, and weapons and armor to respectively become hardened magma or liquid lava, earth, or fire to attack, defend, or supply supplementary support in any way seen. Has all properties of those actual elements as well having the ability to create weapons and what not, giving them the same properties an orichalum made weapon.
Makes them immune to damage from natural forces among these three elements, however by magical terms of these forces they are have a moderate resistance to them.

Elemental Distortion
When finished charging, a mist will cover an entire acre around him.
This mist, when breathed in by others who do not have onyx's breath within them, distorts elements, causing the one who breathed this in for the remainder of the topic to not be able to use elemental attacks or spells. If they do, they will feel as if all the air has been sucked out of their body for a single post.
2 post charge; Mobility is possible, but other attacks are unaccessable


Behind You
If a weapon that Onyx has thrown at an opponent misses, Onyx can pull his arm back and the weapon will immediately travel back toward Onyx at the same speed it was thrown, possibly cleaving the opponent in half. The range capable of being achieved is quite far.
Only works with any weapon that Onyx has available within his profile.


Life Chant
The more physical damage Onyx deals, the more stamina he regains. The stamina regained is directly related to how much physical damage is dealt. This is an extension of his arm and if it were to be cut off then the abilities would cease to function. This also makes his arm organic. He doesn't need to deal damage with the arm in order regain the stamina.

Feel the Heat
Allows Onyx to control the heat of the lava, magma, fire, and/or metal he uses, allowing him to make it extremely hot or low enough to not be able effect anything or anyone.

Magma Burst
Onyx's arms will morph into magma and stretch out, launching towards an enemy or object, wrapping around the flesh or limb and exposing it to the harsh intense heat. A post later, it explodes off of whatever it may have been attached to, causing heavy burn damage.

Basic Instincts
The more damage Onyx takes, the more damage he deals. The strength increase is directly related to how much damage is taken. The bonus increases are lowered the more his wounds are healed.

Onyx can morph into electricity and is able to instantaneously leave and travel a short distance. The more will power he puts into this, the farther he can travel. The farther he travels, the longer it takes. However, it still is extremely fast. Even short distances are not instantaneous and will usually take a second the longer the distance the more seconds it'll take. Unable to do damage in this form, the most that can be done is the equivalent of a tap.

Lava Burial
Onyx's arm will begin to glow a dark crimson in the initial post. Whenever he chooses, a large tsunami wave made completely of lava will burst forth from his arm, traveling towards the opponent(s). The Lava will completely engulf the opponent as the earth or floor will literally break off of the ground surrounding the lava, capturing the opponent(s) and creating a colossal ball of earth, or whatever was used to create it.  
The lava, now encased in earth, will then harden, becoming like magma. After this, the entire ball will erupt in a huge explosion, the opponent being caught in the middle. If the move was used once already and the lava or magma used from this is still there, then when used once more, that lava will join up with the initial shot causing it to be doubled in size.


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