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10.3.2017 - A mysterious light filled the Sea of Skies. Those who wielded great power and abilities found themselves back at square one, as if reset.

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Sir Nicholas
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"Well, I imagine you've got a few more. But then, this is probably not a good time to find out. There's actual Memories running around causing havoc throughout the Universe." And with that, Nicolas turned back the way they had come. "Well then, I think since our business here is done - we can leave. I've viewed enough of your memories to have gained a bit of respect for you. There is a little bit of honor in you, somewhere."

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The creature turned, and walked behind Nicholas. "Foolish human, no such thing as honor exists, it's a made up idea that people claim to have. In which being, there is no such thing as respect either, it's just a word you claim to know." Azzinoth then balled his fist and prepared to strike Jameson's head, the only unprotected part of him. The man had slowly began to think he knew Azzinoth, but the true secrets within we're not opened. They never would be; Nicholas was a fool, he was an arrogant self-righteous wannabe. A hero that would never blossom so long as he obsessed himself with purging the darkness. Their was nothing special about him, he was exactly what Azzinoth guessed. The only difference being that he wasn't completely flawed. He could still fall to darkness and awaken his true potential. That is why Azzinoth had spent these few moments with him. He now understood more about the knight, which was good. But in no way would he befriend the human.

If he succeeded in knocking the half weakened Nicholas to the ground, he would summon a warglaive and tear himself a portal, leaving the castle.

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Sir Nicholas
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Nicolas took the blow to the head. It staggered him, but he did not fall; instead he'd simply allowed himself to be struck that he might gauge his enemy's strength.

"Maybe I am a fool." He said as he watched Azzinoth disappear. As he did so, he reached up and felt the newly created wound. "But I will cling to my hope a little while longer I think." The bruise was throbbing. Despite the pain, he smiled. "Perhaps there is hope for you, yet."

With a shrug, he walked through the castle corridors until he found the exit.

"Farewell, Azzinoth. When we meet again, it will not be on darkened ground." He said to no one, allowing the words to hang in the air. Then he was off and left without sparing a second glance back.

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