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10.3.2017 - A mysterious light filled the Sea of Skies. Those who wielded great power and abilities found themselves back at square one, as if reset.

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Name: Billy Kidd

Age: 15


Sex: Male

Species: Human

Personality: Billy is a more lax character, but he lives for action. He won't turn away from anything; a born risk-taker. Billy shows little to no interest in humans, and is much more curious about creatures and animals. Another noticeable trait of his is his confidence, like a fierce warrior he believes no one can defeat him. He also has no fucks for those who choose to talk about his weight, because that seems to be the one bad thing about him.

Fighting style: Despite his weight, Billy is unbelievably fast and agile. It takes only a moment to learn of the chubby kid's unusual affinity for reflexes and movements. The child is capable of numerous assault tactics and prioritizes in rushing the target until it drops. Billy's natural affinity for speed is only matched by his dexterity and stamina. When studying the boy's style, one might note the steps he takes with his feet, they constantly repeat like a pattern and its almost entertaining to watch.

Elements: Space

Abilities and Skills:

Lunar Arch: Using his sword Billy slashes horizontally with his blade. As this happens a purple glow emits from the metal and sends forth an arch of purple/pink energy. This energy is of compacted plasma (space element.)

P-P-Party Punch!: The user's fist glows with a minor purple/pink hue and increases a single punches strength stat by 30%.

Ascend Yo: Pink and purple hexagon platforms generate spontaneously. The user can step over these hovering platforms. Because he can't fly, these come in handy, each platform is somewhat translucent. They break rather easily, and the material used to make them is like glass, so they shatter when broken.

Star Shurikens: Poofing forth from practically nothing, glowing Golden stars are summoned into the kid's open hands. Once thrown if the stars don't pierce flash they blow up doing minor damage.

Anti-Gravity: Everything within a 25 foot radius loses its gravitational hold to the ground. These objects/targets/creatures float above the ground approximately 4 feet for 7 seconds. After this moment they all drop abruptly, the spell is meant to interrupt advances and/or attacks.


New-School Fairy: A friend Billy made, her powers are very helpful! She has the ability to hex the opponent with her magic.
•-30% strength
•-30% speed
•-40% stamina
•-20% constitution
Each hex lasts 6 posts. (Of all posts) The fairy herself lasts 15. (of all posts)

Potion-Golem: A wobbling robot made f wood and gears, in his arm are sockets where potions are held in, he his capable of shooting the potion 10 feet towards people in the area. These potions heal wounds and impairings. Besides this the golem carries a wooden staff, his chest is very breakable. Lasts 4 posts.

Doves of the Magician: 5 small doves can be summoned forth from Billies sleeves. [Add with Magician Mode for more powerful results]

Grimm Reaper: The source of Billies power, and story. Without Grimm Billy never would have learned anything. Grimm only allows being summoned 1 time every 6 topics

•HellFire- Huge red flames may engulf a large area and he can control these flames as if they were in a trance.
•Kill-Switch- The reaper's scythe grows into a huge weapon nearly two stories long, he can do several things with this.
•Embrace Undead- Te grim summons 10 skeletons in confederate uniforms to fight.
•Drill Kill- The reaper shoots a flurry of kitchen knives the size of cars at the targets.

Drive Forms:

Magician Mode: With a loud pop noise, smoke is expelled causing a a blanket of stealth to cover him. When the smoke clears the boy is wearing a cape, too hat, and red bow tie. His power level jump skips to level four, and he gains the following abilities.
•Level Up!:
[Doves must be active]

Weapons and Equipment:

Benny The Jet Rodrigues: A sword with a name, the blade has the ability to be shot off its handle/hilt and zoom forward with quick speeds at a target.

Johnny Corkscrew: Named after a pirates sword, this sword has a s prevail contraption at the hilt that allows a powerful drilling effect. Primarily used to drill through shields.

Anti-Gravitational Gadget: A glove that acts as a metal gauntlet to hit with, but it also keeps Billy on the ground when he uses Anti-Gravity.

Self-Destruct Button : "terrifying explosion of enormous power" this results in his death, and he only whips it out unless he absolutely needs it.

Level 2
Strength || 4
Constitution || 4
M. Affinity || 6
M. Resistance || 5
Dexterity || 9
Speed || 8
Stamina || 10

History: John Smith was born.

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