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Clyde Maycen
Age // 26
Race // Caucasian, believed to be descended from the Cite Des Cloches.

Height // 6'1, Weight // One Hundred and Eighty Pounds

Wanted For // Murder; Extortion; Grand Theft; Kidnapping; Arson; Identity Theft; Defacement of Public Property; Destruction of Property totaling One Million+ Munny; Indecent Exposure; Assault of an Official of the Law; Evading Arrest; Failure to Attend Hearing for Sentencing; Breaking and Entering; Felony Assault; Possession of Illegal Narcotics... [Show All]

Specialties: Armed Weaponry (Efficient in most known Firearms, known to sometimes use a crossbow). Limited abilities with magic, most complex action seen in combat is the summoning and desummoning of weapons, though some armaments seem to be enchanted. Most dangerous at mid to long range.

Statistics: His capabilities are of a level 5 target, and seem to be as that follows. 

Constitution: 5
Strength: 3
Magic Affinity: 5
Magic Resistance: 5
Dexterity: 10
Speed: 7
Stamina: 7

Outside of these base capabilities, however, some exceptions occur as niche attributes.

Target has a +4 Modifier in Magic Affinity when dealing with magic that: is Space oriented.
Target has a -1 Modifier in Magic Resistance when dealing with magic that: is Ink, Rose/Flower, Moon, or Time oriented.


 Target is able to call and dismiss any type of firearm he possesses at will, from any distance, though the longer the distance the more energy expended. The target can also load his gun with this method.

Whenever the Target shoots a weapon via pulling a trigger, he can magically pull the triggers of all of his firearms within 500 feet of him.

Target is able to duplicate any type of firearm or ammunition he possesses at will, as long as he is in contact with it or was within the past 7 seconds. 

Target is able to preform short range teleportation with a slight delay, and wherever he is to show up has the air around his destination fold immensely with a pressure to notify those around him.

Target is able to touch an object and cause a spatial distortion. Whenever he fires off a weapon, he can choose to, instead of it firing normally, to shoot off from wherever he touched and continue from there, as if there was it's starting distance. He can have up to three spacial distortions at once, and can shoot once to send three simultaneous shots through all three distortions.

Target has 3 square panels, each 1x1x1in made of an organic material similar to rhinoceros hair, though it is as strong as reinforced steel but still very light. These panels can change size at the target's will, while also being controlled through mental or physical actions. The user is able to share sight with these objects from any point in their design. The target can rejuvenate these panels by pouring an appropriate amount of spacial energy within them.

Target has enchanted vision that allows him to calculate angles and predict paths of objects with absolute precision, as long as the data remains constant. (As in, he can see exactly where a bullet is going to go if fired if he has seen that gun fire before. However, if the gun somehow has increased power or something, he cannot accurately predict the variables.) 


Star-Crossed Lovers [Romeo and Juliet] // Two pistols with incredible stopping power and moderate piercing capabilities, focused on speed and stopping an opponent from transgressing across the battlefield. Equipped with silencers. Accurate Range: 35 yards.

Uncle Henry // A bolt-action rifle that can traverse long distances and still pierce its target, able to rip through most soft materials and not loose any force while doing so. Accurate Range: 115 yards.

Grandpa Ben // An anti-tank sniper rifle that is enhanced to see distances over 300 yards, and be able to shoot accurately. It has been modified to reduce normal recoil by 95%, allowing no damage to the user when fired. The bullet is able to tear through steel as thick as three inches and continue on, though it cannot go close to penetrating steel afterwards. Normal reload time is about a minute due to large shells and having to take off the cartridge, but it is reduced to about 15 seconds due to the Target's ability to teleport ammunition inside. 

Brother Brown // Two extremely tiny ring pistols that hold six rounds of small bullets, whicj do little damage unless someone is within 10 feet of the target, and in that case they do the damage of a bullet at their size. They are both worn on the Target's index fingers, fired off by the thumb.

Cousin Shelly // A handheld crossbow that is effective at 25 yards but is deadly silent, ideal for assassinations, as they also don't leave residue or other materials that bullets leave.

Gentle Hearts // The target's weaponry of choice, small red spheres that begin to glow slightly when squeezed, indicating ignition of an internal fuse. All are enchanted with magical properties that protect the user (whomever squeezes it) from harm, while can still be selectively moved by the energy released from the bomb. They are as powerful as a pound of C4 each.

 The Rainbow ||| The target can, at any time, load one of his firearms magically with one of his 7 specialty shots. They are as follows. 

Big Shot // The bullet travels a foot and becomes 6x bigger and more destructive, doubling in speed.

Trick Shot // The bullet travels, and once the user fires again, changes direction according to the user's will. The second shot does not release a round.

Heal Shot // The bullet released is green and, instead of inflicting damage, heals whomever it hits minor-moderately, depending on what firearm it came from.

Bomb Shot // On contact, the bullet explodes with the force of 5 pounds of C4.

Shatter Shot // 5 feet out, the bullet scatters into 10 smaller versions of itself and travels 1/10th its original range and each one does 1/10th of its original destructive power.

Incinerate Shot // Whatever organic material that touches the bullet catches fire, moreso based on the origin firearm.

Ricochet Shot // Whenever the bullet hits its target, it scans its genus and looks for organic material that is similar to whatever it hit (if it hit a flower, it would look for flowers, human for humans, etc.). Then, it ignites and fires off again, potentially tearing through whatever it is inside and striking the target (if it is within the origin firearms range), though it will never hit the user. The bullet repeats this process one more time before going dormant. If there is nothing like the target within range, the bullet becomes dormant.

Clyde Maycen

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