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11.1.2017 - Kingdom Hearts RP is now closed. We'd like to thank everyone who invested time on the site for contributing to a wonderful experience which lasted for many years. All stories must eventually end, but while this may seem bittersweet, it can't be stressed enough what a pleasure it was to create and share them with you all. Goodbye everyone.

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The country of Musketters, a land of peace, and of some trouble. The castle bough is Rens only concern. As a ambassador he must visit and chat with the royals of the castle, and meet some of the guard. But as Ren came to the town, he saw a small little shop, in the shop some slices of what looked cake. Ikarus, who has been accompanying him the entire time of his journey, looked inside the shop and gasped. The cake looked delicious, and she could smell some tea and coffee being brewed inside. She couldn't resist and grabbed Ren by his writs and half dragged half guided him to the shop. After ordering some tea and a slice of cake, they sat down at a table just outside the shop. Ren took a long sip of his tea as Ikarus ate the piece of cake slowly, savoring each bite.

Few know how a Angeloid is so human like in features, but act so much like a robot. This because they don't know how to be a human, I on the other hand am the same as most human females.- Ikarus.

Ikarus theme song:  Ikarus

Ikarus fight song:Wings of Ikarus

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