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Ral Zarek
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...Where am I? Who are you? What do you want of me?...Some profile of myself?...I got no other choice, right?
Yeah...thought so. Oh we go...again.

Name: My name is Ral Zarek, I am a scientist and a sorcerer.
Age: I am 40, but I don't really look like it. I look much younger, I know, don't judge me on that.
Gender: I think it is obvious that I am male.
Species: Homo Sapiens, also known as the modern human. Well, I have someperks that other humans don't always have but that doesn't make me any real different.


Just me:

Yeah, that's me, alright. I wear a robe, colored blue, red, black. I have black hair with some silvery-white streaks, I swear that's from the lightning, and I wear some black boots. But my appearance isn't that important. Yeah I know that I am kinda slender for a man, just because I do not rely on physical strength and, let's be honest here, just using brute force isn't leading anywhere. I always carry with me my gas-filtering mask as well as my homemade creation, the Hextech Capacitor, more on that topic later.

Really, that as well...alright, fine, if you really need that.
Where do I even start...I was born on a stormy night, a night where the thunder was tremendously rolling in the sky and lightnings shot to earth. My parents always told me it was a sign that I was no ordinary child but rather someone very special. Oh if they knew how right they were...
Anyways, I myself was always a hotheaded kid, always beginning some fights, getting enraged easily. I couldn't do anything against it, it was my nature. Speaking of, everytime I was in rage I just went to some hills when a thunderstorm was coming. Watching those spectacles of nature itself was calming me down...Except for one day where I was too close to one.
The result is easy to explain, I got hit by a lightning straight in my chest since I was lying on the ground. However, he my true nature revealed itself as I was not only able to survive the bolt, but I was controlling the storm around me, at least unintentionally. Aside from that, the bolt never actually left my body. I can still feel it inside me, fueling me with energy.
After that, everone thought I actually was dead as they found no body but rather scorched earth. I left them all to their lifes and went under a new name, Ral Zarek, and got myself as a scientist first where I studied the high amounts of energy of thunderstorms and how to possibly use them. On top of that, in my personal time, I started to develop machines that would work quite well with my electric affinity. After years of experimenting and upgrading, I got what I wanted, the Hextech Capacitor. , a tool to assist me.

Oh do I describe myself in the best, but still true way possible...
I am still kinda hotheaded, but not as much as I was back in the days. IF I get mad, however, I will really be. Sometimes I can't control my magic at that point and I might release some electrical surges...sorry at this point if you are ever going to meet me like that.
Aside from that, I am quite the analytic nature, always looking at things from a different perspective. I am most of the time calm, collected and quite emotionless...unless something interesting happens. Then I find the zeal to go after whatever hapened to see what happened and how it affects everything.

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