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Name: Mark

Age: 24

Species: Empowered human

Height: 6'1

Appearance: Mark has short, spiky black hair, with grey tips. His eyes change color from blue to red to black, depending on his mood. He has a slim, yet muscled build.

Personality:  Mark is a very serious person. He never really kids around with people who he isn't extremely close with. He is always focused and never strays away from his objective. He doesn't like killing people, or even useless fighting, but will not hesitate if they are in the way of his objective or he is forced into it.


Strength: 6
Constitution: 2
Magic affinity: 2
Magic defense: 2
Speed: 10
Dexterity: 10
Stamina: 10


Night Vision: Mark can see in the pitch black.

Empowered Ability: Mark Empowers one of his abilities with his power. The ability gains its "Empowered Ability Form" effects. This can only be used every 3 posts.

Mercenaries Strike: Mark puts power into his next strike (punch, kick, headbutt, etc) making it have a powerful glow that doubles its speed and strength when hit. This cannot be used in succession with itself, and has a two post cooldown unless empowered by the "Empowered Ability" skill.            Empowered Ability Form: Allows Empowered Strike to be used 3 times in succession, and triples the speed of the strikes. Lasts until the end of his Next post.

The Mercenaries Mark: If Mark hits an enemy with a throwing knife, arrow, or bullet, the target is marked with a simple cross above where the projectile hit. This mark can stack up to 3 times. Depending on how many marks there are, Marks damage put out by strikes on the target is increased.
1 mark: 5%
2 marks: 10%
3 marks: 20%

Enchanted Throw: Mark can power up any projectile, and throw/shoot it as his opponent at amazing speed (doubled what it usually would be). This can only be used on one projectile per 2 of his posts unless Empower Ability is used on it.       Empowered Ability Form: Can use on up to 5 different projectiles, and triples it's speed and is able to do this on both posts till the end of his next post.

Augmented legs: Mark is able to jump higher then most humans. Marks vertical jump is 10 feet, and his running jump is about 15-20 depending on his speed.    Empowered Ability Form: Mark can fall straight onto his feet from 50 feet in the air and be completely fine.



Gun: Mark keeps a revolver with 6 shots in it attached to his upper right leg.

Throwing knives: Mark has 10 throwing knives in a carrier on his left side.

Katana: A basic, 4 foot, black katana sheathed on his back.

Mercenaries bow: A black short bow that can flash into Marks hands at any time. The arrows are in a quiver on his back, holding 20 of them.

Mercenary Armor: A light, simple, black carbon fiber armor.

Mercenaries mask:

History (in progress) :

It all started at an early age, the powers and all. When mark was young, about 5-7, he began to notice he had powers, powers that none of his friends or family had. They told him he was special, he just thought he was a freak. As he progressed throughout his child hood, he became unable to control these powers, and was prone to violent outbreaks...

Markus, is everything alright? You've been in your room for 2 days and haven't come out.

Yes mom everything is fine. He looks around his room. Everything was broken or smashed. Everything he touched, he couldn't control his strength. He went for the door nob, and slowly turned it.

There's my handsome son, I was worried something had happened... Anyways, dinner is on the table.  

Mark went and sat down at the table with his mom, dad, and little brother. To his surprise, he didn't break anything. But at that moment everything changed. His little brother, who was only 4 at the time, started throwing things at Mark when their parents weren't looking. They laughed and had a moment of childish fun. But when Mark picked up a fork to jokingly chuck it at his little brother, the fork flew at amazing speeds, and pegged his little brother right between the eyes. Blood was gushing out of his head as he hit the floor, lifeless. Mark screamed at the top of his lungs. His parents did the same. They just held their small, lifeless baby in their hands, and cried. Then they looked at Mark.

You killed my baby! How could you kill your own brother, you monster!

His dad then became to walk towards him. He picked him up by his shirt and threw him again the wall. His father was dead set on beating sense into this boy. But as he brought his fist up, Mark began to panic. He threw a knee up into the chest of his father. This strike wasn't an ordinary one though, it dropped his dad to his knees, and he started to cough out blood. Mark then ran. He knew that if he stayed, his family could all possibly die. He ran, and he never came back.

Soon after he had set out on his own, he found himself in Disney Town. He began to train, trying to learn how to control his powers. He spent most of his teenage years in Disney Town, till he was about 17. At that time, a group that called themselves "The Unseen" approached Mark. They saw his skills as an opportunity. They promised him what he was seeking, control, a family that accepted him. So he took the offer. And joined them. Soon after he joined, he realized what they were. Mercenaries, assassins, people that didn't exactly have a clean record. Now he is training with The Unseen, getting stronger, until his purpose finally arises.

Level 5

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