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. H e l e n a . L a r s e n .

Female :: 18 :: Human

:: Personality ::
Helena is a very calm and respective person. When interacting with others she is generally kind and friendly unless she suspects there is something fishy with someone. She is a great friend to have being almost one hundred percent reliable, friends mean a lot to her even though sometimes she'll act 'too cool'. Behind the calm and collective personality she gives off is a raging desire to always be the best. If she wins at something she'll be over the moon which is shown quite easily, however, if she is losing or loses she will be overly angry but she holds it in in order to congratulate the winner, later on she would probably be seen trashing her room or furiously training to ensure failure doesn't happen again. At very least to say failure is one of her biggest fears and weaknesses personality wise. Threatening her friends and family would show a completely different side to Helena which would be an obvious raging mad woman. Typically, the girl is most happy when with her friends or when she has just won something.

:: Appearance ::
Helena is of a slender build standing at about 5'7''. She has long blonde hair and emerald green eyes. Her skin is very lightly tanned. The girl generally pretty casual clothes, usually a plain shirt, shorts or skinny jeans and a pear of boots, sometimes a black blazer with the sleeves rolled up. All in all, her outfits tend to just change according to the weather.

:: Attributes ::

Level 2
Strength || 9
Constitution || 6
M. Affinity || 2
M. Resistance || 5
Dexterity || 5
Speed || 8
Stamina || 5

:: Niche ::

Near +3 || Far -3
Her skill for close ranged accuracy far surpasses that of her long ranged skill.

:: Equipment ::

Practice Staff
A plain staff made of african blackwood. It is 6'7 in length and 1'' in diameter.

A katana made from Olympus Coliseum's strongest metal. It is 3'7'' in length. The sword can be summoned and de-summoned at will.

Athena's Shadow[Far Right]
A battle suit made from darkness and metal magics. It holds the flexibility and weight of a soft woven fabric however it holds the strength of stainless steel chain mail. Another property it holds is the ability to hold the same cool temperature so long as it isn't held under extremely hot temperatures at a long period of time, if it does, it will burn away and be unusable for the rest of the topic. The suit grows around Helena when she activates it.

:: Abilities ::

Earth Manipulation
Though her magic affinity isn't the best Helena has the capability to control the earth around her. She can't perform intense manipulations however as her affinity for magic wont allow for it. Helena will usually use bodily actions and her mind to manipulate her surroundings. She is able to use only her mind to manipulate the earth however it is usually weaker and much more draining.

:: Pet ::


Mortis is a male wolf-pheonix-like creature that stands at 5 foot tall naturally. His coat is mainly black with patches of red and turquoise here and there. He has large orange feathers that extend out the back of his neck along with two antennae.


Strength || 6
Constitution ||  2
M. Affinity ||  9
M. Resistance || 5
Dexterity || 5
Speed || 8
Stamina || 5


Air Run
Mortis is able to fly, however it is more like running across the sky as he does a running motion when doing so.

Increased Senses
Mortis is absolutely capable of being able to see in the light and dark for very distant miles, movement he is able to grab attention of with ease. As his ears are quite large his hearing is also very good.

Lava Spit
Inside the creatures mouth forms a ball of lava, at any size Mortis then shoots the lava ball out of his mouth in a straight line. The ball of lava sticks together while traveling through air and splatters and spreads when it hits something. Once it hits something it stays there for a few seconds most likely melting or dealing extreme fire damage before disappearing.

Lightning Link
Mortis' antennae usually point forward but can move in other directions while perorming this ability. From there a bolt of electricity will formed starting from the end of one antennae to the other. The lightning bolt is charged for a few moments before being shot at a target. Once the bolt hits the target it is capable of hitting another target if they are within twenty five meters of the first target, with this the lightning can link to more targets so long as they are all within range of the target hit before them. The bolt deals medium damage and can last for up to ten seconds starting from when it hits the first target.

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