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11.1.2017 - Kingdom Hearts RP is now closed. We'd like to thank everyone who invested time on the site for contributing to a wonderful experience which lasted for many years. All stories must eventually end, but while this may seem bittersweet, it can't be stressed enough what a pleasure it was to create and share them with you all. Goodbye everyone.

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Name: Xiomara (shee Oh Marrah)  
Real name: Aoira Elizabelle Rose

Age: 18

128 lbs
" />


Species: Nobody

Personality: She is not afraid to call someone out if she feels that they are wrong or something she doesn't agree with. She'll become arrogant and refuse to admit defeat.
Though being arrogant she is quite pacient.  Xiomara can deal with the rude names and pure stupidity. Although, she dose have a breaking point. Its not a very pretty ether.
Normally she is a happy go lucky girl who is sweet to everyone unless you give her a reason not to like you.

Abilities and Skills:

Ability Name: Winds Oath. A strong gust of wind that can cut any exposed skin by a kick of Xiomara's legs.(She must be wearing her Crystal boots)

Ability Name: Sound wave steps. In witch Xiomara can step on the sound waves to enhance her speed. She cannot stand on the sound wave for too long It will collapse under her. (must be wearing Crystal boots)

Ability Name: Gravity's Oath. This ability gives Xiomara the skill to jump up in the air very high by changing the gravity on her boots and come back down with tons of force by doubling back the gravity with extra added. It depends how high she goes is how the extra gravity is added.

Ability Name: Regenerate. This ability allows the Crystal boots to fix themselves  if it were to break somewhere. Since having to fix themselves with blood ,Xiomara's boots will look like normal Iron boots with the abilities half as strong.

Weapons and Equipment:

Weapon Name: Crystal Boots. A pair of boots that keep there shape and from by exchange. In exchange for blood Xiomara is given its unique abilities.  She has a thin ring scar around her ankles. The Iron in her blood is what gives it that metal like look.  She can takes thees boots off.

" />

Armor Name:Under the gray dress is a plate of pink aluminium protecting her 'heart'.

Item Name:

Supplementary Battle System Example

Strength || 6
Constitution || 6
M. Affinity || 5
M. Resistance || 5
Dexterity || 6
Speed || 9
Stamina || 5


Speed(+2) || Stamina(-2)
Though she has amazing speed, just by using the pad of her foot rather than her whole foot to step on a sound waves. It helps her gain speed to quicken her attacks ,but makes her tired quickly as well.

Dexterity(+2)|| Defense(-3)
Since moving around so quickly, she has to focus on her targets more. Making her more prone to surprise attacks.

I was born in darkness, I forgot who I was. If I even had a family. If I even had a name.
Ending up in some strange place, filled with women who practically threw themselves at men. The men, drinking some type of red liquid witch made my stomach churn. It made me feel sick and even alone. Even if those women did throw themselves at those men. They had something i wanted. Happiness. Thats what I felt my chest ache at the very thought.

In this place I was in, Water began to fall from the sky. I finally gave up on walking. My legs ached with pain. I was too exhausted. Collapsing on my knees I began to cry. Loud whales of pain escaped my mouth. Thats when a random women found me.

Her hair was curled and she was quite thin. Her pale skin scared me. I began to cry even more. This feeling was unbearable. I felt that I was breaking.

"Don't worry," The woman said so sweetly to me.

I stopped crying. Her soft hands skimmed across my cheek, making me feel calm. Her hands were under my arms. She binned her arms around me and say so softly "I'll be your mother."

This woman whom I didn't know. Took me to her home, gave me clothes, Gave me love, Gave me happiness. Thats all I wanted from her.

Two weeks later these boys came around. Making me feel horrible. That pain came back as they called me a street rat and an ugly mistake.

My dresses were being destroyed, my dolls being ripped apart, My mothers love being taken from me.
I endured this for years and years. I couldn't are it anymore. Mother passed away. I wanted her back more than anything.  My happiness was taken from me.

I wandered off more and more often. Stealing things from the pirate ships that came to doc.
My steps were light and quick as I snuck in the ship haul. All pirates were all predictable. Keeping there treasure in the same place. The floor boards creaked a little as I approached antique chest.

It had jugged rocks around it. My hands gripped the top. As my hand slid up they were cut deeply. Blood rushed out making it hard to open the chest. I struggled and tried to hurry. They were back already. The lid opened and inside where a pair of silver sleep boots that looked like something those whores would wear. My blood made it impossible to grip. they kept slipping from my hands. Giving up. I threw off my own and put them on.
I felt a stiffening feeling from my feet up my calf's. I got weak. My legs collapsed on me and I felt the way I did 12 years ago. The stupid men that maned the haul came and saw me on the ground.

"Look at that? Lil mous' trin' to steal from Cain'" One of them said.

He grabbed my hair and pulled it back harshly. I tried to hit him but he only grabbed my writs and began to crush it. I held back my screams. My legs felt numb but I could still move them. I swing my leg at him.
I could not believe what I had just done.

The man went flying into the wall with a fist full of my hair.  He didn't move.

"You, Broke my bones," He uttered.
The other man tried to grab me. i jumped to my feet and ran to the deck. I had no were else to run. I ran to the edge of the ship and jumped . My eyes were closed shut as I waited for the water to hit. But it never did.

When I got home, My brother Danatolian pulled my hair and started shouting at me. The last word I heard him say was " Stupid adopted rat."
I grabbed his hand and dropped him into the floor, breaking the floor boards. As I brought my leg down onto his chest Danatolian began to shake. My leg pushed down on him harder.

"Who's the rat now?" My voice sounded so dark.
After that night I left for good and took up a new identity with no surname.
For this moment on I was happy.

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