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11.1.2017 - Kingdom Hearts RP is now closed. We'd like to thank everyone who invested time on the site for contributing to a wonderful experience which lasted for many years. All stories must eventually end, but while this may seem bittersweet, it can't be stressed enough what a pleasure it was to create and share them with you all. Goodbye everyone.

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Title page WIP

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Anling "Djinn" Zuzhou, Shadow of Curses

Age: 45
Male - Human

Elemental Mastery

Heart: Darkness

[Warrior Mode - Lvl 2]
Strength: 10
Consitution: 5
M. Affinity: 2
M. Resistance: 10
Speed: 5
Dexterity: 5
Stamina: 5

[Mage Mode - Lvl 2]
Strength: 2
Consitution: 5
M. Affinity: 10
M. Resistance: 10
Speed: 5
Dexterity: 5
Stamina: 5

[Spellsword Mode - Lvl 1]
Strength: 6
Constitution: 6
M. Affinity: 8
M. Resistance: 7
Speed: 5
Dexterity: 5
Stamina: 5


The only differences between Anling and the picture above is that he has hazel eyes and black hair. His skin is also a darker color and he stands at 6'2".

Personality: Neutral Evil

Anling is a very broken man, due to his time in slavery he has become very sadistic and angry. This leads to him often snapping on others when they get on his nerves and he experiences a lack of patience. He also has issues with control over his violent nature, but is progressively gaining both control and composure. He is leading towards gaining emotional and physical control and tries to learn the art of misdirection. Anling can be manipulative at times or even savage during his fits of anger. Anling is very brutal to his opponents and will inflict severe wounds without remorse. He enjoys the art of magi and the art of smithing, combining both to become an adept Enchanter and an expert Blacksmith. Often he studies the hearts and psychology of humans and other sentient beings to gain an understanding, but not just for personal knowledge but to develop a parasite that he could breed from his body and act as a hive mind to.

Also, Anling has an affinity for singing in forms of soul music. He is quite skilled at jazz and can play instruments, but the genre of soul and jazz keeps him at ease.


Anling was born a slave, a slave to brutal people within the world known as Castle of Dreams. For him, the world was the Castle of Nightmares, and so he developed a blackened heart. Day by day he had to suffer, bleeding from the wounds inflicted upon him. The pain eventually numbed physically, but mentally they broke him. At first, it was hopelessness. A feeling of being powerless. Truly, he was powerless because the Magisters that enslaved him made sure magic would satiate his need for rebellion. Eventually, he would be sold to a Magister that would torture him day and night. Fire. Electricity. Water in the form of boarding. Dirty wind on the wounds. Fire to finish the deed and close the wounds. What began as pain, turned into sadomasochism. The sadism the second to develop. Anling began to feel the darkness in his heart, so one day when the Magister whom owned him tried to torture him, he let out a roar and darkness shot from his chest in the form of a spike. His body became black and white, and he laughed hysterically at the sight of his master's death.

Before running off to hunt down his former Magisters, he honed his control over darkness and used his broken mentality to manifest the magic of Illusion and the complex thought he developed from insanity to control space. Years. Years spent on hunting down his former owners. Slaughtering them, their families, especially whatever they cared about most, and causing Magister genocide. The slave trade kept in the dark was consumed by the very darkness it created. He was known as the Fuchou de Emo, or Devil of Vengeance. He was renowned for his demonic tactics of torture and grotesque artistic ability with murder. After a while he receded into the darkness, scouring the unseen crevices of worlds to find something to call home...something to build his laboratory. He practiced the art of smithing and enchanting, and eventually changed his appearance to live amongst the people who feared Fuchou de Emo. He became a new man, Djinn. Currently, he resides within Enchanted Dominion as a homeless man.

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Weapon Evolution System


This is a personal system I created that I will allow anyone to adopt and change to their will, but I just wanted to propose an idea for people to use that blends classic RPG elements with challenge in developing a magical weapon using justifiable means to make it potent. We all have had times where we had a weapon that didn't seem logically powerful, and it was just there or obtained its power out of thin air. I admit I have done this and this system is more of a story-based tool to justify the means of having powerful abilities.


-Allows a story-oriented growth system.
-Justifies a weapon having magical power
-If desired, can be modified to work beyond just weapons
-While there is a baseline template, it is modifiable to those who use the original version even.
-If adopted, it does not require the less IC pre-requisites
-Remember the previous pro, it is crucial if something in this system is undesired.


-My original template for those that use this may require work, story-oriented or not.
-There will be a post count-growth implemented, but only for distancing story-oriented portions, which are the most critical.
-While this is more of a con for those who are not bothered, actual development is required.
-Since Anling will be a blacksmith-enchanter, any weapons obtained from him will have some rules made by me, but I will leave the important parts up to the player.

The Hybrid Template

Firstly, the system is a combination of having X posts between each story-oriented topic, which is a minimum of having at least 10 posts per topic for the posts to be counted. A topic that is not story-oriented may count for up to 40 posts for a 2-player topic, and 55 if the topic has more people than two. Their must be a minimum of 4 story-oriented topics that are based on developing and bonding with the sword. The mandatory ones must occur at each "milestone" in order to obtain an ability for said weapon. The milestones have an inverse relationship between potency and quantity. For the weapon, it levels from 0-100 (prestige: 1-100) and the milestones are divided between this scale. While it is mandatory that the story-oriented topics be on each milestone, the minimum of 4 means they aren't restricted to just milestones. For example, if a weapon has ONE milestone at level 100, then one must still do 4 story-topics for developing the weapon, 1 being on the milestone. Now, the optional story-topics can be done at any time and can serve as ways to develop already achieved milestones, allowing their abilities to reach higher potency but does not progress the weapon through its leveling.

The leveling itself correlates with the post count for reaching milestones, but only battle posts and story-topic posts are weighed in, which in order to prevent he-said-she-said, should be recorded during the end of each topic. NOTE: In case of this being truly undesirable, it won't be enforced if someone receives a weapon from me, but leveling will be based on when the blade is with the person. You can't level something if it's at home, 44 lightyears away. All abilities can grow stronger on the next milestone (instead of having one at level 100, you can obtain one at level 5 and by the time it reaches 100 it is the same potency). When there is more than one, the ability may only grow stronger once on any milestone beyond it (it doesn't have to be the next one). In the case of two milestones, they can keep upgrading but they alternate between each one and in the end, potency is still divided. In terms of how they upgrade, they obtain 1.25x their potency (i.e. level 20 ability becomes level 25) but there is a maximum at level 100.

Potency is measured in level, even so the further in the quarters of the level spectrum, the more potent they are. For example, a milestone at level 15 will have level 15 potency, but at level 85 there is a bonus that makes it as potent as if it was at level 89 without a bonus. From levels 1-10, the ability is considered weak, 11-20 they are considered moderately weak, 21-24 they are considered slightly effective, 25-40 they are considered effective, 41-49 they are considered highly effective, 50-60 they are considered strong, 61-70 they are considered mighty, 71-74 they are considered deadly, 75-85 they are considered devastating and 86-100 they are considered perfect. Passive abilities have a level cap of 85 but can be upgraded if there is no ability from levels 86-100. Spells or Techniques unique to the weapon can reach level 100, but have their level halved (rounded up to the closest 1) when carried over through evolving if it is at level 86 or above.

An example of when you achieve abilities: Timeline Maker

Evolving the Weapon

To evolve the weapon, it must reach level 100 first. Once evolved, it will have at least minimal physical changes to represent its evolution and will have its level reset to 1. While this means all abilities are lost, it allows a new set of milestone(s) to be placed and an ability from the previous form to be carried over, either having the collective power of all the abilities (raising it to a maximum level of 85) or already possessing a level between 86-100. Carrying over an ability is optional, but only one can be carried over if doing so. There is also the chance to make a new ability that is the potency of a level 50 ability, but it will count for the ability carried over and only if the weapon previously had at least 3 abilities. The weapon can be evolved limitlessly and the abilities carried over (or created) through evolution never have to be sacrificed in further evolutions. A evolved ability can always be exchanged in the next evolution for a new ability of half the potency without counting for evolving an ability (carrying over an ability from the previous set of milestones) or sacrificing the previous set of milestones for a new one.


If Weapon A where to reach 100, they would go from This to this while X ability would be carried over/the previous abilities would make X ability. In its next evolution, X ability from the first evolution would still be carried over along with Y ability/X ability made from the first evolution would be carried over while Y ability is carried over/X ability carried over/made from the first evolution is accompanied by Y ability being made during this evolution.

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Basic Weaponry

Anling uses his crafted weaponry, includings katanas, wakizashis, longswords, claymores, and other simple, bladed weaponry. He also crafts blunt weapons such as maces, but they are less used due to his higher proficiency in bladed weapons.

Secondary Weaponry

Anling also crafts secondary weaponry for side-arm-like positions, which are usually daggers, throwing daggers, shuriken, kunai, senbon, assorted variations of shuriken and kunai, manrikigusari, caltrops, and assorted darts. He may take commissions for other types, but these are generally the types he uses.

Exotic Weaponry

Anling has a crafting skill for exotic weaponry such as Shamshirs and Kukri, mostly laying his profession, again, in bladed weaponry. He may craft very unique-looking and specialized weaponry for those that demand it or himself. He personally makes use of Kukri and Parangs for their small but agile structure that works good for cleaving large appendages (like tree branches...or human arms).


Ring of Ar'Zan the Mad

A special, magical ring that grants +2 to M. Affinity but incurs a -1 penalty on Dexterity, being placed on his right hand's ring finger. The ring seems like a regular, silver ring with a sapphire gem in the middle, intricately cut with a brilliant decor. It releases a purple aura, even though it is minor.

Pendant of the Chained One

A Pendant that activates during Warrior or Spellsword mode that adds +2 M. Affinity. It is jeweled with emeralds except for the main gem in the middle which is much larger and is a sapphire, releasing a minor, indigo aura.

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