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11.1.2017 - Kingdom Hearts RP is now closed. We'd like to thank everyone who invested time on the site for contributing to a wonderful experience which lasted for many years. All stories must eventually end, but while this may seem bittersweet, it can't be stressed enough what a pleasure it was to create and share them with you all. Goodbye everyone.

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The Silent Wild
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D o l o r e s  "D o l l"  E c h o

Human ~ 15 ~ Female

Level 1
Strength || 5
Constitution || 7
M. Affinity || 7
M. Resistance || 5
Dexterity || 7
Speed || 7
Stamina || 4

The Human Doll:


Dolores has an incredibly skinny physique and stands at exactly 5 feet. Her eyes are generally pretty wide with dark rings around them however she still looks very young. The color of her iris' is a gloomy red. Her hair is a sprawl of pastel rainbow colors and is cut off rather short. Her mouth has the appearance of a chelsea smile with he corners sewn into a smile. All around her body are black stitches sewing her together which she always hides behind dark clothing. Despite her scary appearance, she is very kind.


Dolores has seen to be very strange. Her antics are generally quirky and her attention span is very short. She doesn't exactly look like someone who fits in but she finds people who appear "normal" to be very interesting, despite how boring they really are. However, she wont stay focused on one person for too long. A very hyper active young girl. Due to her strange appearance she enjoys the reactions that she sometimes gets, except for when she is called a boy - that pisses her right off. The activities she enjoys most are running, gymnastics and playing with water. Doll absolutely hates being near natural waters such as the sea, rivers or lakes, she doesn't know how to swim.


Though Dolores is now human, that wasn't exactly how she was brought into this universe. Her appearance would tell you otherwise, but Dolores was created in Christmas Town. She was sewn up into a doll, one with long colorful hair and cute cotton skin, she was definitely made for certain child who would have wished for such a.. different creation compared to the more girly dolls. Dolores looked like a creative person would, long multicolored hair and strange outfits to go with her. Looking neat and all the doll was wrapped up and ready for Santa to take to it's new owner. It was Christmas Eve and all the presents were in the sack, including the doll which was to be the first present delivered which sat on top of the pile of presents. As per usual every year the sack was strung shut for the take off. Santa took off and everything was fine. Except, the sack of presents wasn't completely secure, the string came undone and several presents were dropped before Santa could realize what had happened. Of course, being at the top of the pile, the doll was the first to drop along with some other toys. She would drop in no better of a place but..

Halloween Town.

In the forest the doll sat for weeks. As time went by she had become battered and torn, the ends of her hair were all dirty and her stitches were coming undone. That was until she was found, by a witch named Ophelia Echo. Ophelia was in awe at the find she had made, an almost perfect, pretty doll. The perfect item to put some of her collected items to use with. The truth is, that the witch had grown lonely, all she had was herself and a dead pet cat, she wanted company but none of that husband whiz biz. Ophelia Echo wanted a daughter. In the past she had collected all the things necessary to create a human, organs and so forth. The witch had managed to find a brain even! All these things were in perfect condition and it was time to bring this doll back to it's perfect state.

The doll was taken home. Ophelia went through the process of washing her cotton skin till it was deadly pale, her hair had been so dirty to the point where Ophelia couldn't wash out the dirt so instead she cut the doll's hair and as for her face, the corners of her lips were sewn back into place with a bit of a smile. Now that the doll was ready, it was time to open her up despite just fixing her all up again. The doll laid out open was where the witch came in with her jars of collected items. Ophelia Echo carefully placed the organs in the correct places for the human body. As for bones, she had crafted a skeleton just for her new daughter and too placed them in place. With a thread and needle the doll was sewn back up, there it sat lifelessly complete. Last thing to happen was that the spell be cast upon her. In a deep and smooth voice the witch chanted:

"On the weary path where I frequently roam.
I found a disposed toy that was lacking a home.
Since she's no longer important,
I'll stuff her with organs,
And then I can call her my own."

With that the Doll was brought to life. Her skin turned from cotton to that of a regular human though it was deadly pale. Her heart gained a regular beat and her lungs filled with air. The doll was alive and human, the stitches held her parts tightly together. A small twitch of the doll's finger brought happiness to Ophelia the witch. She was no longer to be alone and she'd have a daughter to take on her legacy. Right then and there, Ophelia gave the doll her name, a name that seemed fitting in the way it sounded as well as it's meaning. "Dolores. To some kid's sorrow you'll never be their gift but now you are mine to love." With that Ophelia took a hold of Dolores, hugging the child like any mother would - full of love. At this point, the doll looked like a ten year old. The next few years were going to be quite fun for the mother and daughter.

Before going out and playing with other children of Halloween Town Ophelia had to teach her daughter the basics such as walking and talking. At this point she appeared as a ten year old and even though just being brought to life, she learned how to walk and talk as if it was something she had forgotten momentarily. This was probably the part that came with having a second hand brain. Though, no memories came with it. Dolores was to make her own. In addition to what Ophelia had created, the witch enchanted Dolores with certain abilities to help her be scary and well, to have fun.

At the age of "11" Ophelia allowed Dolores to go socialize with the other people of Halloween Town. From meeting these crazy kinds of people, the Doll became very curious about people and how they worked, her mind was very young and she'd sometimes just watch or follow people around noting what they did. Hanging out with the children of Halloween Town, well that taught her how to get away in the quickest and sneakiest way of things. For years Dolores became just like any other young person from Halloween Town, mischievous, strange, friendly and sometimes scary.

Though seemingly normal of a girl there was something special about Dolores that Ophelia would not tell her. Perhaps it was because she didn't want to lose the girl or maybe she planned on using her. The witch knew all about the heart she had taken to create her daughter, it was the heart of a keyblade warrior. It was only a matter of time before the heart would realize itself and put the keyblade upon her, for Ophelia it was a matter of whether to prepare Dolores or not in the mean time. As for Dolores, it was a matter of trying to understand these dreams she was having and what they meant.

Years went by, Ophelia had chosen not to tell Dolores of what would be bestowed upon her, what were her reasons? Who knows for now, this was about Dolores. What the young girl had been told by her mother was about the possible existence of other worlds in this universe, places the witch hadn't traveled to in years. Naturally, the Doll became curious, though still living with her mother she searched for a way to get to these other "worlds." Ophelia had a way of traveling herself, but she wouldn't dear tell the child about this so Dolores would have to continue to search herself.


Doll's Facade - Dolores is capable of shapeshifting to make herself look however she pleases. Whether it be her just changing her appearance casually or making herself look like someone else, she can do it. This was an ability she used a lot to scare people and to get out of bad situations quickly.

Needle and Thread - With a needle and thread, Dolores can re-attach any limbs that have been severed. Another part of this ability is that she can control her limbs whilst they are severed. In other words she can take herself apart and put herself back together again.

Get Creative - With this ability Dolores is able to draw or paint an object and make it real. Another part of this ability is that she can put an object into paper or a canvas as a painting or drawing. If she had something special that she didn't want anyone else getting her hands on, she'd make it into a drawing. The Doll hasn't quite reached the level where she can create beings from her drawings, when she tries they just end up being plushies.

Pyromania - The Doll is able to control flames making them grown and move around as she pleases, however there's the small catch that she cannot create fire herself.


Death Flower
A long, mostly pink and sharp keyblade.
Special Effect: Occasionaly puts up a shielding wall that will block one attack.


The Endless Bag - A messenger bag made out of black leather with white stitching. It holds most of her items as if they are weightless. It doesn't matter how much Dolores puts in the bag, it just continues to fill up.

Witch's Matches - A box of match sticks that are usually in her bag. She usually holds one in her mouth. The match is able to be lit on any surface.

Art Supplies - Usually in her bag is a paper pad, pens, pencils and erasers.


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