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10.3.2017 - A mysterious light filled the Sea of Skies. Those who wielded great power and abilities found themselves back at square one, as if reset.

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Selene || Selena
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Selene || Selena
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Selene || Selena
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    Selena is a cool, calm, and collected teenage girl with great empathy for others. Like water, her soul cleanses the impurities around her. She’s kind and caring to everyone she meets, and always speaks in a gentle tone. She isn't judgemental of others and can see good in everyone despite how they may look, speak, or act. She talks openly with strangers and loves meeting new people, but will respect the boundaries of those that wish to be alone. Although Selena speaks enjoys chatting with others, she also takes time to listen as well. And while Selena may not think highly of herself, she never feels down because she believes in the feelings of those closest to her. The girl is also known for her bright smile and bubbly laugh, both of which are infectious. She also enjoys bringing up the spirits of others by complimenting them or cheering them on.


    Selena was born into the average middle class home. Her family consisted of her only parents (her mother and father), but she never felt lonely--a boy her age lived nearby. As both of her parents were always busy at work, the girl had endless amount of time to spend with Kenos. The two were inseparable, and spent nearly every waking moment together. They would even sneak into each other rooms to play even longer or to simply sleep next to each other. This continued even in their teenage years, although their relationship never progressed further than friendship. Romance was something neither had even thought of yet.

    One day, while they were still in elementary school, the two children accidentally discovered Selena’s magical ability. The two were in the middle of a water fight when Kenos had splashed some water at his friend--only to find that she wouldn’t get wet. The liquid had stopped before contact and then flown back to soak the boy. In awe of her newfound power, the two began experimenting with water to see what they could do. Although Kenos was disappointed he had none of the ability to control water, their friendship grew only stronger.

    Unfortunately, their happy times did not last; the girl and her family perished in a fire that burned their house to the ground. Although town officials were unable to determine the cause of the fire, Selena alone would know what had actually happened that day. Her house had been suddenly overrun by a swarm of strange creatures--for what reason she herself did not know--that looked large lizards with fire spewing from their tail and mouth. When her father attempted to kick them away, they immediately became aggressive and began attacking the entire family. Flames spread everywhere, and while Selena desperately attempted to douse them out with her magic, it was too late. Her father and mother had died, and she was soon to follow.

    Except...the girl did not perish, at least not in the same way her parents did. She did not burn in her house that day, it was not her life that was stolen from her--it was her heart’s memories. Her heart forgot every place she had ever been to, every person she had ever loved, and even every detail about herself...her body dissipated in among the ruins of what was once her home.

    She would be reborn as one of the very creatures that had stolen her memories, waking up in a sleeping world.

    Pristine Stream
    Selena's primary weapon, a naginata. The length of the blade and the shaft combined is about the girl’s height. Pristine Stream can be summoned by gathering a sphere of water in her palm. When Selena clenches her fist, the water shoots out and solidifies to form the weapon. The blade is made of a compound of sapphire and steel. When Pristine Stream breaks skin, it sends a chilling sensation across the body.


    Water Elemental
    Selena is able to summon/gather water out of thin air (or from nearby bodies of water) and bend it to her will. This includes a wide variety of spells and skills.

    Personal Oasis
    By submerging herself in a body of water that she did not summon herself, Selena’s wounds are able to (slowly) heal. Her stamina returns to her as well.

    Raising Spirits
    By launching a magic-imbued sphere of water at each of her allies, Selena can raise all of their stats by +1 temporarily. This usually lasts during the course of a single battle.

    Rain Boots
    Selena can slow down her opponents (Speed -2) temporarily by enveloping their feet and legs in water. This usually lasts from 3-4 of the affected’s posts. This has no effect if the target flies through the air.

    Water Cushion
    Selena can cushion the impact of a blow or a fall by using water to catch either her or one of her allies. The larger the entity or the greater the quantity the entities, the more magic that is required.

    Drowning Crowns
    By summoning water around an opponent and submerging their head into it, Selena can attempt to drown them. However, this spell requires great concentration to keep even one head submerged.

    Mystic Mist
    Selena can surround herself or fill the immediate area with a dense fog that obscures the vision of all opponents. However, this also obscures her own vision.

    Memory Make
    As a Memory, Selena is able to create objects from the broken memories she is able to recall.

Forms and Transformations


Summons and Pets

    Majorelle--Spirit of Water Level 1
      Transform: Maj can switch between his Rookie Form (3’0” and 10 lbs) and his Champion Form (6’0” and 110 lbs) at will. The transformation takes seconds, accompanied by a splash of waves surrounding him.

      Bubble: Can summon a protective bubble around himself and his allies, as long as they are all within a close proximity of him. The diameter of the bubble cannot exceed 10 feet. This bubble can last for 2 of the user’s posts, and can protect against any magical or energy-based attack. However, it does nothing against physical assaults; while the bubble won’t dissipate even if stabbed with a sword, it will allow the weapon and the user with ease. In addition, those within the bubble are able to fire magic/energy attacks outside with ease.

      Summons two medium-sized spheres of water in front of Majorelle. The two orbs can each blast a powerful beam of water at his opponent(s). This can be used to attack multiple enemies or to attack a single enemy multiple times at once. Range is 10 feet; does moderate damage.

      Bubble Screen
      Maj releases hundreds of bubbles between his allies and his opponents. Each time a bubble pops, a miniature toxic explosion occurs that leaves burns on those that touch them.

      Attributes: Rookie Form
      Strength || 1 (Champion Form +4)
      Constitution || 1 (Champion Form +4)
      M. Affinity || 1 (Champion Form +8)
      M. Resistance || 1 (Champion Form +5)
      Dexterity || 4 (Champion Form +1)
      Speed || 5 (Champion Form +1)
      Stamina || 4 (Champion Form +2)

      Champion Form (+25)
      While in his Champion Form, Majorelle is much stronger in all areas than he is in his Rookie Form.

Political Information

    > Alignment
    Details of where your character stand as far as morality. Good, neutral, evil
    > Affiliations
    Links and descriptions of current and past groups or organizations joined
    > Relationships
    Relationships List:

    Names and details of other characters you have any relation to in any way

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