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Trixie - - -
> The Shadow Pixie
> Female
> Fairy
> 17 y/o

Character Emblem Here


    > Physical Appearance & Outfit
    Normal Form

    • Height: 0' 3 1/2"
    • Weight: Light. Very light.
    • Skin Tone: Silvery White
    • Hair: Shoulder-length, Red
    • Clothes: Light purple, simple, short dress.
    • Wing Shape: Crescent
    Enhanced Form

    • Height: 6’ 7”
    • Weight: 129 lbs
    • Skin Tone: Silvery White
    • Hair: Knee-length, Red
    • Clothes: Varying shades of purple.
    • Wing Shape: Feathered, Angelic
    *Made through Azalea’s Dolls


    Trixie isn’t afraid to speak her mind--and she often does so. However, what comes out of her mouth is rarely anything nice. She’s rude, sarcastic, crude, vulgar, uncivil, blunt, obscene, and insulting. The only time she is ever polite to someone is if she is on official business and the circumstances require her to be so. She is also quite witty, although not in the playful sense, always quick to tear someone down. However, the more abusive she is to a person, the more affection for them she actually has.

    She also detests anything others might perceive as ‘adorable’--namely, children and animals. She finds their antics painful and disgusting, and avoids them as much as she can. The fairy also is repulsed by stupidity, an infliction she believes most everyone besides herself is victim to. Despite her seemingly dislikable nature, Trixie is cares for Neverland deeply and is passionate for its well being.

Combat and Ability Information

    >Attributes: Level 1 Normal Form
    Strength || 2 (Enhanced Form +3)(Attacks +1)(Lifting/Chores -1)
    Constitution || 1 (Enhanced Form +4)
    M. Affinity || 4 (Enhanced Form +3)
    M. Resistance || 1 (Enhanced Form +4)
    Dexterity || 7
    Speed || 7 (In Air +1)(On Ground -1)
    Stamina || 6
    Enhanced Form (+14)
    Trixie is much stronger overall once she’s in her Enhanced Form.

    In Air (+1) || On Ground (-1)
    Trixie is faster when flying than when running.

    Attacks (+1) || Lifting/Chores (-1)
    Trixie strength is only usefully applicable in battle.


    Trixie is the ‘Other Self’, or the ‘Shadow’, of Kenos Lege--the aspects of the boy that he does not express himself. She was born at the same as the boy was, her birth induced when Fabrum injected Fairy Dust into the fetus within the mother’s womb. When the baby was born, his shadow split from the body and became Trixie. The two are connected, though they do not realize it.

    The fairy is well acquainted with Fabrum, although she spends little time with him. She prefers to explore the island and experience the different cultures of Neverland. This, in part, is due to her dream of uniting all the people of their small world to live in harmony. However, her crass personality prevents her from communicating well with others or even making friends--even the fairies have shunned her, for she is not as cheerful or kind as themselves.

    • Name: Etherea
    • Type: Rapier
    • Weight: 1 kg
    • Length: 100 cm
    • Width: 2.5 cm to a sharp point
    • Other: Double edged, straight blade, protective hilt
    • Name: Celestia
    • Type: Shield
    • Weight: 1 kg
    • Length: 24 ½ in
    • Width: 18 ½ in
    • Other:


    The ability to fly through the air using wings, pixie dust, or both. Speed increases slightly while in the air.

    The ability to transform from the ‘Normal Form’ to the ‘Enhanced Form’, and vice versa. The transmogrification takes several seconds to complete. During this time, if attacked, the transformation is canceled and several more seconds must pass before attempted again. However, no damaged is taken within this phase--although pain can still be felt.

    Sword Dance
    Trixie can use her four foot long sword to attack gracefully and quickly. Additionally, she can send out a wave of light with a swing of the sword that travels 20 fps. This attack does moderately high damage.

    Steel Wing
    By encasing them in an envelope of Light, Trixie’s wings may be utilized as weapons with the same strength as steel. Alternatively, she can cocoon herself within her wings and use them as a shield. The weakest parts of her wings, which does not have the protection of Light, are the areas at which they are attached to her body.

    The ability to alter one’s form and physical condition to mimic that of another, so long as that person is humanoid. However, two features remain the same: the ears remain long and pointed, and the hair (if present) will always retain a single red stripe.

    Pixie Ring
    The ability to alter summon a ring of mushrooms about two feet in diameter on the ground. This ring is can spring up on any surface, even artificial ones such as brick or concrete. By stepping into the fairy ring, one is put into a state where they become invisible to others. On the other hand, if someone else were to step into the fairy circle and were to enter the same state of the user, they would be able to see the other affected persons as well as interact with them if they so wish. There are two ways to exit this state: one, to step back into the pixie ring, and two, to destroy the pixie ring itself. The pixie ring may be destroyed by anyone, not necessarily one of the affected persons, as it can be seen by all. Once the pixie ring is destroyed, all affected persons will return to their normal state. Only one pixie ring can be summoned at a time.

    The ability to summon one or more small, indigo-violet spheres of light. Each ball of light is able to move freely and at the summoner’s command; however, they do no damage, their main purpose for reconnaissance. They act as visual and auditory aids for the user, and is able to transmit that information as well as their location back to them.

Summons and Pets

Political Information

    > Alignment
    Details of where your character stand as far as morality. Good, neutral, evil
    > Affiliations
    Links and descriptions of current and past groups or organizations joined
    > Relationships
    Relationships List:

    Names and details of other characters you have any relation to in any way

Roleplay Lists - - -

    Threads List:


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