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Eric Glint (WIP)
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Eric Glint

10.3.2017 - A mysterious light filled the Sea of Skies. Those who wielded great power and abilities found themselves back at square one, as if reset.

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Ace Kageki
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Name: Ritz

Age: 15


Brown hair 
Brown eyes

Sex: Male

Species: Humanoid Memory


Very straightforward and genuine the memory tends to tell his mind without looking back. He sees what he chooses and usually this is an optimistic view. He always looks at the brighter side of things and keeps only the saddest feelings and memories deep inside. He also has a bit of perversion tainting his mind, he may often check human girls out or make crude jokes to himself when he's lurking on them. Despite this e isn't a lusty pig, just a sexy minded individual. He also enjoys the ability to traverse through the galaxy with his kin, but is constantly wondering what his life was before he was taken by the creatures.


Not Documented~

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Darkness, Ink, Earth

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Ace Kageki
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Level 3

Strength: 10
Constitution: 5
Magical Affinity: 5
Magical Resistance: 5
Dexterity: 6
Speed: 6

Item List:

Mystical Canteen
This canteen is powered by some mystical force that allows infinite water. The canteen will never be empty and is utilizable as weapon and a drink. This water is very cold as well.

Darkness, Ink, Earth

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Ace Kageki
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Weapon and Armor list

H2O -
Designed like an English long sword, this weapon was in possession when Ritz woke up from the memory attack. It is summonable in a burst of water, however Ritz carries it at his waist in a sheathe. While wielding this weapon all water spells get a (+4 in magic affinity)

Grace -
The blade has the memory of a young girl who wished to help her lover, unfortunately she gave her life to help him. When Ritz ate the mans memories this weapon was born of all the sadness he grieved in his life. The blade gives the power of Duel Weapon Sword Skills. A rare magic that synced the users blades and soul. When using this sword speed gets a (+4 in speed stat).

Darkness, Ink, Earth

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