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11.1.2017 - Kingdom Hearts RP is now closed. We'd like to thank everyone who invested time on the site for contributing to a wonderful experience which lasted for many years. All stories must eventually end, but while this may seem bittersweet, it can't be stressed enough what a pleasure it was to create and share them with you all. Goodbye everyone.

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Beta Genesis
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Against the shade, through the fog, under the eerie luminescence of the moon. Nightmarish illusions were afoot. Though not from the natural source of the world itself. Rather something that lingered within it's borders. A beast lost to slumber's ever strong hold. The mind of which was subject to a violent rage taken form as images. These images cascading in a hectic whirlpool, in doing so, bringing about despair.

From beyond the small town to the landscape of the infamous pumpkin patch. Nothing but the still of silence in the air. Accompanied by light rumbling? Odd, it was almost like purring even. Beneath the overhang of the swirling hilltop. A colossal animal of some sort that appeared to be the size of a small building. Revealed to be feline design to anyone who was willing to get close enough. Two tails instead of one sticking from it's back side and two golden horns placed atop it's forehead. Sprawled out across the ground on it's side. A mixture of purrs and whimpers lightly pulsing from its throat.

Something was clearly tormenting the poor creature. The expression of agony on it's face was proof enough. While it continued to sleep, paws and legs twitching as if to run away. Hellish dreams plagued it's subconscious. A flash of neon lights in a dark city. The sound of consistently loud buzzing. Robed figures coming and going. An arrangement of blurry colors all about them. A stronger whimper, almost like a moan was forced from the monster as the scene quickly vanished. In wake revealing another scenario. A secluded room. What looked like circuits covering the walls and floors. A bunch of what was assumed to be mechanics scattered about the place. In the center a single person in a red and black outfit. Crimson hair and pale skin. Yet the face was unrecognizable. Again another whimper of fear even louder than before.

The monstrous feline continued this pattern of behavior as the scenes in it's head moved along without signs of stopping. If anyone were around it would be unaware to the presence. In the same regard, should anyone pass by the gate it would be hard to ignore the unusual sounds coming from the patch.

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Seth Vicens
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As the creature continued to move around and make noise, a strange light began to flicker in the ground nearby. The wind seemed to swirl around in a small area as the lights danced, forming by the swirling hill. Upon the swirl of the hill, a shape began to take form, revealing an ominous crystal formation, the moonlight shining brightly through the man-sized structure. As the light shone through, a figure began to form, drawing in the glowing lights to give it life. Soon, a fully-formed figure was present, curled into the fetal position within the crystal. As the lights faded into the figure, two golden orbs shone from the face.

The creature sleeping down below would soon feel what seemed to be... snow, but the snow would become heftier and heftier as larger parts of the crystal would break off, the figure shifting and shaking to break free from its apparent prison. Some of the pieces, however, would seem to be absorbed into the mysterious form, who now appeared to be male. After about a minute of struggling, the young man finally broke free. As he broke free, his golden eyes widened in terror as he realized that he was vertical. Except he was not in the vertical state that he had expected to be. One word perfectly summed up his thoughts as he found himself falling straight towards the ground and the creature below.


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